Mindful Garden | What is Beyond the Blossoms? TOUR THE BEAUTIFUL SUMMER GARDEN.

Having a mindful garden means that you look beyond the blossoms and achievements and instead understand that the process you take and how you experience the garden makes for an exhilarating journey. Embrace the peace, simplicity and engage in the process of tending to the retreat you are creating.

mindful garden

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How has summer in the garden treated you?

The garden has been flourishing this year, so much more than in previous years. It is not only because of the great weather we have had but because I have changed mentally and enjoy each step of what it takes to be one with the space I have created. This summer garden is beyond my dreams and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Are you ready?

Grab your favorite cup of tea and let’s take a tour of the serene haven that awoke this year.

mindful gardening


Mindful gardening is a deep connection to the space you are in, the plants and wildlife you engage with, sounds that become part of your thoughts, and the scents that call you to be calm and take a moment.

A mindful garden is so much more than plants and gardening. Growing roses provide me with mindful gardening moments, as I care for them and connect with nature. I also introduce rituals that include the garden plants in my daily life.

My flower patch has become a haven for me because of the daily experiences I go through. You can take a look at VEGETABLE COLORS | Unveiling the Green and Purple Harvest from my Enchanting Garden’ post and see some of the new colors I have been exploring this season.

I work on this section of the garden through the winter, preparing my dahlia bulbs and starting flower seeds. Then in the spring, I begin to prepare the soil and connect with the earth, the new life to come, and the textures of nature

Then in the summer I nurture the space and add other flowers to create textural depth and attract the wildlife. An example is the zinnias and chocolate lace flowers, they bring a whole new life to this area by attracting so many different types of bees and adding a soft layer to the look of the dahlias.

Almost like adding a lace doily to a table setting. That is what is makes me think of when I see this soft, delicate flower.

summer garden plants

My little flower patch gives big! It is where my morning walks begin every single day.

I’ll be honest, the sweet peas this year were a disappointment. Spring was hard with the temperature fluctuations and they hardly grew in this area. But everything else did so well and I still got a few sweet pea flowers that I wanted to see the new colors I got this year.

Though the sweet peas are still blooming today, I just don’t have as many as in previous years. But the colors!

Just beautiful!

healing garden design


Embrace Simplicity

Simplicity is a gift to the garden.

One of the biggest things I did was to clean out and build each space to be harmonious and visually appealing. I am embracing less to get to the real beauty of the garden. The less clutter, the more enjoyable the experience.

The space was such a mess and so hard to work on it. I had not gotten to it and it bothered me because it is a focal point from our living room. But I knew when I was ready, I would make the change and savor each moment.



Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 6.04.51 PM.jpg

This had us tripping all the time and nothing was growing well. I was so over the chaos and knew that this year was going to be the right time for the big change.

We needed to enjoy the space, be able to seat, and take note of the present moment. I also knew that I wanted a lot of food from this small area.

Though you know me, I was not going to give up my flowers, I needed to find a space for them. You can learn more about planning your garden in the post ‘Steps to Convert a Yard into a Garden’.

It was a lot of work since we had a drain in the corner to also consider. But we are super happy with the outcome and everything is growing so well now. It is quickly becoming one of our favorite places in the garden to hang out.



summer garden vegetables

This is the biggest change in the garden this season and it provides so much in food and flowers.


Create a new habit that will take a few minutes a day for your morning routine and your garden will thrive. Watch the video below for key gardening tips.


How to harvest calendula seeds

Engage Your Senses

The garden has been a sensory paradise. One of the colors I have introduced is royal purple throughout the garden and it has made it come alive. I have gone all out, even with my veggie selections.

summer garden ideas

Another thing that I appreciate so much more and am enjoying is the sense of smell. The fragrance of the blossoms has been so blissful. It really does soothe me every single time I smell the beautiful roses. This rose tree, floribunda iceberg white rose is my favorite in the garden at the moment.

zen garden

Another one I planted last year is David Austin, Bathsheba. A medium size rose with a stunning peach color. They are growing so fast! It really does soothe me every single time I smell the beautiful roses.

This climbing rose is already making a beautiful statement!

The rose has not even reached its full potential by covering the full arch trellis yet, but it has been a joy to see it grow so quickly and the stunning blooms it gives the first year.

Create a Personal Retreat

Every mindful garden needs to have that corner that becomes an escape. This is my sacred space where I start my day by journaling and having my coffee. Create a space that allows you to gain some sense of calm and embrace what you are about to experience as you tend to the garden after.


List of items to include in your retreat:

  • Throws that make you feel cozy just as you do when you sit on your living room sofa.
  • Decorative Pillows that have different textures to get that extra pizzazz.
  • Stools to be used as tables for my coffee. Easy to move.
  • Accessories like baskets, miniature roses, and textural decorative pots.
  • Add color to your furniture as an accent in the space. Green expands the wondrous feeling of the garden plant hues.
peaceful garden ideas


Mindful Garden IncludesProsCons
SimplicityEasy appeal, instant visual gratification.Requires you to be organized and put things away daily.
SensesStrong connection experience by introducing a couple of flowers that delight you.Some fragrances may attract pests.
Mindful PlantingCreates a bond with your plants and wildlife. Takes more time and some planning.
CaringCaring for plants is part of caring for yourself.Requires committing some space and time in your garden.


I am so captivated by the changes of the summer garden. I know it takes some work to get here, but the gift is the fact that you are part of this change in nature. Being intimately engaged with each step makes it so much more rewarding. My entry garden is one that becomes so lush and changes so immensely.

The beans and cherry tomatoes are transforming the space. The tunnels that are created are beyond satisfying. I love the hunting experience of searching for my harvest from inside the tunnels.

It is hard to wait, I have to pace myself. This is the area of the garden that gets sun last and it takes a while to get going. But is is happening!

This space evolves so much until the first frost.

entry small garden


Oh, this one is hard! I have OCD for sure and like things well put together, but embracing the imperfections and understanding it is a process has helped me to let go and find joy and other things. Like in planning and looking forward to what is next.

But also, not every bloom is going to be perfect and not every plant will make it. This has made me appreciate what does make it thrive. And even more, when I get that rare beauty that I did not think was going to make it. I am finding joy in the smallest things, it is soul-changing.

I have plans for a small greenhouse and wanted to do it this year, but other areas were a priority. So, I am accepting and now planning what will be a great transformation.

I will be honest, finding bees that are dying or a bird that gets hurt is hard on me, but I know is not perfect nature stories all the time. I have cuddled a bee and a few birds and lost some. But I am grateful I got to be there for them when they needed me.

I also have a huge fear of spiders and am starting to appreciate them. This beautiful one that scared the life out of me was eating an earwig, which has been the biggest issue in the garden this year. Her name is candy striped spider. What a perfect name!

Isn’t she a BEAUTY?!

summer garden

When you create a mindful garden, you include nature and that comes with the good and sad also. In the end, it is so worth it.


I am always on the move and it is so easy to just keep going and not take time to care for ourselves. Take a chance and create an escape from the chaos that sometimes overtakes us.

The biggest gift you can give yourself is to create a space that brings you peace and lets everything else fall into the abisk for a moment.

Do remember that it is a process to create this flower world and connection. Be easy on yourself and take it all in.

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  1. Thanks for taking us on a tour of your gorgeous garden! You take such beautiful photographs! That spider is so interesting, I have never seen one that color! Hope you’re having good weather!

    1. I always get excited to show the garden, I have the need to share it all. The spider is so pretty, I keep trying to find her but haven’t seen her again.

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