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When I began gardening,organizing was not on the list of things to do. I was concern about what I needed to do from scratch and nothing else. Then my mother and husband gifted me a potting bench that changed everything for me.

To beautify your potting bench and add your style, is to create your most important hub. A potting table, therefore, is one of the most critical and effective gardening tools. It allows the gardener to get organized, a location to gather their thoughts and connect with the experience.

Discover how much joy the perfect set up on a potting bench can bring to your gardening experience. I am about to spill the beans and provide you with the best ways to create a functional, but gorgeous workspace. Let’s make a standard potting table turn fabulous.

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A potting bench is the pulse of the garden, the heart of the experience. You can get a good potting table by buying it, you don’t have to build your potting bench from scratch if you are starting to garden.

No need to create more work if you want to concentrate on growing plants. That is exactly what I did and no regrets. It is what you do with the potting bench that makes all the difference in the level of productivity you get from it.

Here are a few things you need to think of as you select your own potting bench:

  • MATERIALS: Choose a durable material that can take the elements. The other option is what I do, locate it where is partially covered like under the roof overhang and cover it through the winter. If using a wood one, cedar or teak are great since they can take the elements more, but you will pay for it. I have a cheaper version and it has lasted me for years now.
  • SIZE: This is one that bigger is not always better. I like a small potting table that houses what I need daily to walk my garden and take care of my ‘daily chores’.
  • STORAGE: A potting bench with storage, one drawer and a couple of shelves for storing pots, a little amount of fertilizer, worm casting and plant food.
  • EXTRAS: Two things that really make a difference is having a small shelf on the top to place gardening snippers, selects a potting table that has a plastic basin to mix your soil and hooks on the side to hang your most important daily tools, such as a trowel.
  • SURFACE: Get a potting table that has at least 18″-24″ clear surface to work in. Here is a hack, add a marble cutting board that will be a great surface to protect your table and is easy to clean. I love mine!
diy potting shed


You found your perfect potting table and now need to get the key essential gardening tools.

Potting Bench Gardening Tools:

  1. Handy Tools: Pruner (Different Sizes), trowel, gloves, watering can, water meter, twine, scissors, plant tags, outdoor marker and notebook.
  2. Containers: Get a few plastic containers to organize your drawer as well as some small bags to keep worm compost, fertilizers for flowers and food in a basket to take around the garden. I don’t like to carry heavy bags.
  3. Baskets: I keep plenty of basket to take around the garden to collect as I deadhead or clean my beads and other to collect my harvest.
  4. Bamboo Sticks: Keep them handy next to your potting bench. The support sticks I use constantly and am so glad I found a great spot for the.
  5. Brush: This gardening tool is used so many times a day and the small design is perfect to keep your table surface nice and clean.

Do you want to watch exactly how I organized and designed my potting bench? You won’t believe what I paid for the door pulls and they look so much better. I got them in a thrift store, 4 for $2.00.

Join me in YouTube and you can watch the exact process and get some ideas for your own potting table, from gardening tools to styling.

As you experience the garden, you will get to know what are the tools you can’t do without and use daily. You will establish a routine like I have and it will be second nature to approach the potting table as you reach in the morning for your coffee cup.

outdoor potting bench with storage


Organizing your planting bench is about function, but do not forget that the styling is also important. The way your potting table looks and feels will keep the table as an extension of your hands.

I believe in organizing and mixing what is beautiful and speaks of the experience and feel you want from your garden. Make the tools appealing, create a vignette with pots and plants to set your style.

Add hats, baskets, and tools to the walls and shelves. Remember to style not only the table but what is on the floor adjacent or the wall that is part of the background.

When decorating a potting bench, think vertically, every space around it is part of the whole experience and will contribute to how you feel. My garden table is now a cozy corner in my outdoor living room and it invites me in every time.

Build your own potting bench


Where you locate your table does not matter, what works for you is the most important thing to consider. The most important thing to consider is to locate it where you see it and have plenty of clear accessibility to the table.

Let’s explore each option:

  • Outdoor Potting Bench Location: I love a potting bench outdoors that gets natural light and is part of the living room experience. But I like to have my table near my kitchen, to access it at any point. I like to go harvest and then go in my kitchen clean the harvest and go outside to place the basket back in place. Make it easy to stay organized so you are not searching for things and have a stress-free experience.
  • Indoor Potting Bench Location: If you have a porch or space in the garage, those are great locations. I have a potting bench in my grow area in my garage. I use this table while growing seeds, but also when I am working on the front of the house. It is such a handy table and it is super cozy in feel.

Consider what best works for you, the house and garden layout when finding the best location for your planting bench.

Whatever potting table I use, I set up with my needs met and plenty of style to keep me inspired.

potting bench with sink


Practical solutions are great, they work. But only having practical in mind, does not keep you inspired. Take the time to create a green oasis that engulfs you with thoughts of anticipation, discovery and joy.

Use varied materials; wood, baskets, glazed pots, clay pots, antique touches, and hats. I have my grandmother’s basin and pot which is part of the reminder each morning that she is with me. Include one item that creates a connection to a memory, these moments are unforgettable.

Share with me your thoughts on what is most important about your gardening table.

You are going to create the space of your most desire thoughts.

You Cocoon Awaits You,

Stay Creative!


Often find yourself struggling with a disorganized gardening space?  These innovative potting bench ideas may be just what you need!

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