What does it exactly mean to achieve a Home Decor Nature Inspired!

For a cozy style, decorate with nature in mind. The most important elements to consider are LIGHTING, COLOR, MOVEMENT AND TEXTURES as a base of the inspiration. The feel I have in the garden does not stop at the door, it is directly reflected in the natural, but contemporary decor of my home. If you need a cozy space, full of comfort and a connection to more than objects, keeping nature in mind when decorating will elevate the quality of your home and life.

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Nature inspired design comes down to being mindful of bringing in your home the elements that connect with you outdoors. Use elements that have a raw feel from nature and balance them with the more simple layered elements to bring balance to the space.

Finishes vary on design elements;  rustic tiles, organic decor accessories, natural rug selections, Knobby fabrics and metal accents. Accessories such as baskets, plants and vintage are introduced, transforming the space to a more comforting and cozy feel.

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It is all in the details, think of materials and elements that bring comfort outdoors. A simple sculpture reminds me of my time sailing and the driftwood floating around at the edges of the shore.

I went everywhere looking for the right sculpture, not just for the look, but for the feel. I needed the balance of the raw feeling of nature, but I did not want to give up the contemporary style I so much love; clean and decluttered. Natural elements look and feel best when the space highlights the item, instead of competing with everything around it.

Here are items to begin thinking of as you begin your search of what to integrate in you nature inspired design:

  1. Wall Soft paint color or accent texture.
  2. Linen Shears
  3. Natural Fiber Rugs or Overlayed Rugs.
  4. Knobby fabrics with lots of texture.
  5. Introduction of linen like fabrics.
  6. Rustic woods that vary in texture.
  7. Dry Flowers, branches, air plants or Moss.
  8. Weathered Leather or Faux Leather.
  9. Suede Finishes
  10. Glazed tiles with texture
  11. Plants 
  12. Baskets or Woven Materials.
  13. Handmade Wall Art
  14. Simple Modern Sculptures
  15. Vintage Accessories
  16. Crystals or Agate
  17. Candles
  18. Books
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If you learn one thing about Decorating a home inspired by nature is to not looks at what you can add only, I know it is fun. The most critical thing to understand is that it is all about a feeling, what do you want out of the space? What do you need to feel? What do you need to look at to get that feeling you are craving and in need of?

Things don’t make a successful room, the feeling does. Search carefully, select purposely and integrate the items or materials with intent to become part of the whole room.

Why is i driftwood for me?

Remember that driftwood? It has inspired so much throughout my home and to this day I know that going to the beach camping means searching for a driftwood, a color or plant that inspires me. I will find the right spot and make the space feel like an important moment I lived before, a memorable event.

On our last camping trip Frank helped me carry a large piece of driftwood we fell in love with and now decorates our dining table with air plants. I loved we both woke up the last morning to take a long walk and find one piece of driftwood in the sea of hundred. I did see a huge one that would have made the most stunning coffee table. But no space left on the turck! We will be back!

Even in the winter, the feel of the wood translates to the details that say winter. Go get your driftwood dream!

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Let me help you with that!

I have been wanting to spill the seeds for so long! It has been so hard to keep this secret!


‘We help the overwhelmed gardener that craves PEACE OF MIND and a MEANINGFUL OUTDOOR SPACE to feel nurtured. Go from fear of not knowing where to begin, stuck in confusion and overwhelmed to feeling empowered by identifying the purpose to create their own outdoor space and garden. By incorporating emotional and meaningful personal daily rituals you ACHIEVE CONFIDENCE and a HAVEN FOR HEALING that brings true joy, a LIFE CHANGING MINDSET and bloom.’


Your Cocoon Awaits you!

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