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DIY Candle holder has become a big love when decorating and I have learned a great secret, Air Dry Clay! I remember being 7 years old and entering my first clay project in an art competition. It was a modern cup and saucer with dripping paint on it. It had the neutral colors that I still love today. I actually won! Since then, I have loved anything clay. I no longer need to buy my candle holders, I make them myself! A Win, Win!

candle holder diy

You want to create a unique candle holder that is only yours? This easy to follow checklist will really help! Let your imagination go wild and create almost anything you like to add for any season decor. The tips will cover from the clay to purchase, how to start to shape your clay, drying time, fixing cracks, painting, texturing, sealing and decorating with your new candle holder diy collection.

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candle holder diy

I am joining some friends in a holiday blog hop. What is a hop? It is where you click each link to visit a different blog post. Hope you enjoy all the inspiration! Take a look at Sweet Valley Acres, Home with Marieza and this dear casa for more Christmas diy! The links will be at the bottom of this blog post.

diy candlestick holders

This diy candle holders ideas were inspired by my last blog post, The textures of the pebbles on the beach shore and the reflection of sun on the water. Check out the beach photo I took on my previous post, ‘9 DECORATING INSPIRATION TAKEN FROM DETAILS IN NATURE’.

You can also click on the You Tube below, to watch a relaxing and inspiring video that shows the beach shore that inspired this whole project, and steps to create the candle holders.


  • Air dry clay – I use gray, but you can paint the candle holder after it drys, if you have the white. The one linked below is white color, which I also love!
  • Water
  • Marble cutting board or non grease use paper.
  • Clay Kit Tools
  • Metallic Powder Pearl Ex
  • Sealant Spray


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On this post you will learn the best tips to get beautiful pieces that will make a big difference on the candle holder diy. I have styled my table for Christmas with the latest clay candle holders I made. I have created 5 different candle holders and I am so happy with the outcome!

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  1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLAY: It is critical you choose the right air dry clay.
  2. SHAPING: Shape the clay after you knead it thoroughly. The DAS brand air dry clay is easy to work with.
  3. PROJECT TIME: Time of projects will vary depending on the thickness of your piece. Anywhere from 5 hours to 2 days.
  4. TEXTURING THE CLAY: You don’t need fancy tools to give interest to your clay, but a clay tool kit is handy.
  5. BOTTOM OF CANDLE HOLDER : Make sure the bottom is completely flat or stable enough to hold the height and weight of the candle.
  6. ADD INTEREST: you can add pepper or other dry spices to the wet clay to add visual interest.
  7. DRYING: Clay shrinks when it dry’s.
  8. CRACKS AFTER THE CLAY DRYS: You will need to work in layers if the design is large/thick.
  9. SANDING THE DRY CLAY: Sand paper is essential, it will not only smooth the surface, but will help shaping after the clay is dry.
  10. FINISH: Powder Metallics are great to add some dimension.
  11. SEALING: It is important to seal your piece and allow it to dry, whether a gloss or matter finish.

For a Cozy Quiet Day at Home for Christmas Vlog on You Tube below.

candle holder diy ideas
The clay comes white or gray. You can use either, whatever inspires you!


Air Dry Clay types will vary from organic to man made. The air dry clay is the specific one I will be addressing on this post.. The synthetic clays are easier to work with and won’t require so much kneading to shape it.

You don’t need expensive clay for creating candlestick holders. If you are making a very detailed design I suggest you look at better quality clay.


The best tool to shape your clay is your hands, but if you have a more precise design you can use a rolling pin. But before you start creating the precise shape you want, make sure you knead the clay thoroughly to avoid any air pockets.

One of the best tools to use is water. Dip your fingers in water to help smooth or reshape an area.

A clay tool toolkit is helpful in adding details or textures. Have fun experimenting with the different tools!

diy candlestick holders
Make sure to knead the clay really well before shaping.


The projects will vary, but if you are looking for a craft that doesn’t take too long, this is it. It doesn’t take long to create, but you do have to allow for a couple of days to dry properly. I love this about working with clay, create the design and just let it sit to dry while you start on another project. The time you spend is well worth it, the most time will be for drying time of the clay or varnish.

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Use anything you have; purchase a clay kit for more precise, but I love to use aluminum foil, forks, rocks, fibers, just about anything you can think of. Your fingers will be the best molding tool!

making candle holders
I love using aluminum foil to create texture.


This is critical, make sure that you have a flat surface on your candle holder design. But what is extremely critical is that it is stable, that the base is wide enough to hold the candle height and weight without tipping over.


It is critical, when doing handmade candle holders with clay, that you keep in mind that the clay shrinks as it drys. The opening you are doing to hold the candles needs to be a little larger that the candle diameter.

One of the things I do is allow the candle holder to start drying and insert the candle and rotate it around to make it a little large as it drys. But you can just add some thicker tape, wrapping it a couple of times so that it will allow the extra space. Make sure you put saran wrap before inserting it into the candle holder so that it is easy to remove.

Don’t look at the top only, check the bottom of the candle holder diy to make sure it is thoroughly dry. I tend to place pieces on the side to allow it to dry on the bottom after it is dry on the top. You don’t want to do this when the top is not completely dry, it will change the shape.

diy candle decorating ideas
The clay will lighten up in color as it drys. But remember to let it dry all the way through.


I find that by adding a little water, I can easily fix the cracks and add more clay. So don’t worry about working so fast, this material is great for beginners or larger projects.

If you are doing very large pieces I recommend to do it in layers and allow them to dry in between. Otherwise you will have a lot of cracks. For this project I wanted the cracks and natural look. My goal is for it to look like it has been outdoors, a found object taken from the earth.


Sanding provides a great tool to continue shaping your candleholder or smoothing further. I wanted the texture on my pieces, so I used a 220 grit. You can go 400 and up for a smoother finish.

homemade candle holders
Use sandpaper to smooth surfaces or shape the homemade candle holders.

The best part is that finish you can add! The color of the clay will get much lighter after it is dry, but you can either paint the entire piece or do what I did, adding a metallic powder to give a little sparkle but keep the modern look.


It is important to seal your diy candlestick holders. Make sure it is completely dry before applying, you don’t want mold growing inside. I used a matte finish on this project.


My collection is going to keep growing! So many things I want to create with air dry clay, it is such a great product. I decided to use mine on my Christmas table setting and, I am so happy about how it turned out! The natural feel added such a great look to the table setting.

diy candle holders ideas
Beach Shore Inspired table setting!

Have you decorated for Christmas already?! Here are some Christmas items I am loving for a Modern Christmas, A White Christmas or just to Indulge at Walmart for Christmas!

I also added the perfect gifts for a cozy day! But if you want them for yourself, then you could add these candles around a tub or living area and spoil yourself silly. My type of day!

A White Christmas

Indulge @ Walmart for Christmas!

Modern Christmas

Gifts to Relax

I would love to hear if you have tried to work with air dry clay and what you have done!

I have a list going for future projects!

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