9 DECORATING INSPIRATION taken from Details in Nature.

No other place on earth provides a better source for Decorating Inspiration. I went to explore and gather some photos of what inspires me each time I am in nature. Come exploring with me! When you stop long enough to take in nature, whether in an urban environment or in a forest / park, you will bring the best decor ideas to incorporate into your home. When you are deep in the understanding of your surroundings, time stops, you become one with nature.

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You can go to a store and see all nature details on the accessories or furniture displays. But that sense of wonder can be capture on your own and in a deeper level. Design inspiration from nature can be captured by; color, details, taking in the sounds, touching elements in nature, wildlife connection, the sunlight warmth, sparkly reflections and going deep. Let’s look at each further!

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You want to jump into decorating, take a look at HOW TO GET INSPIRED TO DECORATE WITH NATURE IN MIND! READ HERE!.

How do I get Inspiration from Nature


  1. OBSERVE THE COLORS: Observe and take Note of Colors all around you.
  2. TAKE IN THE DETAILS: Through photography, using your phone, create a library of amazing nature details and organic texture….
  3. SIT AND LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS: Close your eyes and listen to your surroundings for the best decor ideas.
  4. TOUCH ELEMENTS IN NATURE: Allow a connection with nature, reach out and feel nature’s decorating inspiration.
  5. WILDLIFE CONNECTION: Understand and appreciate wildlife for house decor inspiration.
  6. FEEL THE SUNLIGHT: How does the sun or shadow affect your mood.
  7. TAKE IN THE SUN REFLECTING ON DIFFERENT SURFACES: Do you connect to the reflections in water or the ground?
  8. DON’T MISS THE SOFTNESS: The softness found in nature; grasses, a misty day offers that cozy feel.
  9. GO DEEP AND FIND MEANING: Find inspiration from nature, the type of deep moment that inspire beautiful quotes.
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OBSERVE THE COLORS: Modern Natural Decor through Color

Add that warm color to bringing house decor inspiration from the elements in nature. The largest accent color in my home is inspired by the trees, not the leaves, but the tree trunk. That rich coloring stares at me every single time I am in nature, whether it is summer or winter, it is always there. Leaves are another source of major inspiration for me.

You don’t have to have green in your main accent for the home, you can go deeper to bring that same feeling in nature.

I am known for pulling over in my car to take a photo of leaves on the street. Obsessed!

Read another post to show you how to put material inspiration together on BEST WAYS OF DECORATING WITH NATURAL ELEMENTS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT! READ HERE!.

But let’s go back and see the actual elements that inspired me and how to do the same in your own home.


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organic textures

TAKE IN THE DETAILS: Nature Details with Organic Textures

We love driving around and discovering barns around our neighborhood. A structure like a barn many times become one with nature; the wood get weathered, the softness of the shapes blend into the rolling hills or the majestic look highlights its surrounding beauty, it becomes iconic.

Confessing, I am the barn stalker! I flip for a barn, they are so unique, just so happy they are huge structures that I can take my photo and not trespass. Note to self, need a sign made that says I brake for Barns!

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SIT AND LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS: Nature as Inspiration for Art

Winter is arriving, but no matter what time of the year it is, nothing inspires me to decorate my home and my life than taking inspiration from nature. Today we all feel a deeper need to connect with more than our daily routine, moving into rural areas, growing our own food, earning more for garden projects by connecting to other homesteaders and jumping into the cozy trend that I believe is here to stay. The need is real, natural inspired decor ideas are all around us.

Decorating inspiration can be found in the sounds around you. Think of how many use white noise to fall asleep or to permeate the home while they work. It make you feel connected to a moment in time. One of my favorites is the TV screen saver with a fireplace crackling or running river water. I can’t tell you how much it changes the whole feeling of the room. A peaceful nature within your home!

Don’t you love technology at times like these?! Place an iPad far away from the tub and turning that roaring fireplace on. I have done it in cold mornings, just to have the sound feels mentally warmer while I get ready. Amazing how the mind works!


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TOUCH ELEMENTS IN NATURE: How to add the Fresh Nature Aesthetic

Touch is a sense I bring into my Raw decor style. You will be amazed how you see things people create around you! Here is a structure that was created on the shore, it was so absolutely beautiful! It inspired me to bring it into my home by adding a large beach wood sculpture. Add something that is a literal interpretation into your home, just do this keeping simplicity in mind. Follow me on instagram for highlights of my home decor.

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WILDLIFE CONNECTION: Wildlife Add Meaning.

Wildlife is the best of decor ideas. Not only in the way that they look, but how they live their life and evolve. This is a salmon I watch for the first time spawning. You want to help, but you know you can’t interfere, it is about having faith in nature and the process.

Decorating inspiration comes from the most unusual places and it does not have to be a picture of an animal on the wall. It can be the meaning or feeling it brings to you and you identify with. For me, I love the water and all wildlife associated with it; orcas, salmon, seals, cranes and much more.

The feeling it brings me to watch them, I want to reinterpret in my home. The sense of anticipation, providing a garden that brings them, for example, creating a pond that will attracts birds, have water plants and fish. a place to meditate and be connected to wildlife for that moment. Find that one things that provides you with a sense of anticipation!

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FEEL THE SUNLIGHT: The warmth, the kiss of glow!

In the Pacific Northwest, sun is the equivalent of a gem. When you feel the sun rays and see the sunlight, it has a meaning like no other. I find a lot of meaning in that and the inspiration translate through my accessories.

Here are a few to consider introducing in your home:

  • A Warm Fire.
  • Candles provide a sense of warmth. You can even get battery operated with flickering effect.
fresh nature

DON’T MISS THE SOFTNESS: Look around for that cozy feel.

Decorating inspiration from Nature is not only in the wild, it is around where you live, a corner in your urban neighborhood, a park, that home that sits on a hill. I become inspired to creating that cozy feel you feel when going for a walk and discovering new place that change every season.

You don’t need to change everything each season to create the feeling. But the layering of textures found in nature can be recreated in your home. The modern feel of the still water agains the organic and dramatic backdrop of the landscape. An example would be adding a large simple mirror to a texture wall, whether it is a wood or stone wall. The contrast creates softness and that cozy feel we all look for.

nature as inspiration for art


This is the time, no better time, to stop for a moment and notice what is around you. House decor inspiration does not have to be found at a store, without first understanding the connection to what makes you feel cozy.

Take the time to understand what you need most in your life so you can surround yourself with it.

design inspiration from nature

All of this can happen around your home, while traveling, walking the dog or commuting to work. It is wonderful that today we have iPhones and, are able to capture those moments to understand what makes you feel best.

The decoration inspiration is where you least expect it, keep watching!

Stay Creative!

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  1. I love this post so so much! Wonderful reminder to take a look around us while we are outside.

    1. Thank you so much Libbie! It changes so much of the experience, I love doing it. Enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Melba, your photos are stunning. And I love that you’re so in tune with the environment and bringing nature indoors. You’re an inspiration and have encouraged me to get out and in my own neighborhood and incorporate the beauty of it into my own home. Thanks for including a link to my Fidalgo Island house. I miss the beauty of the area especially this time of year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. xo

    1. Thank you so much Juliet! Your home is of dreams, I am in love with it! So happy I got to share it with others. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones!

  3. Melba, your new blog design looks AMAZING!!!!!! I am so happy that you liked Shari, she is so talented. As for this post, it is a great reminder that beauty is all-around if we just take a minute to stop and enjoy it. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. I am so happy with it Elizabeth! thank you for getting me in touch with Shari. She is amazing! Enjoy nature and a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  4. I so enjoyed this post. I love decorating with nature in our home as much as I can.

    Nature is so beautiful and offers so many gifts!
    .Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Melba – what a beautiful look into nature! Thanks for the reminder of what’s important and different ways of experiencing nature.

  6. You have such a unique way of taking in inspiration and I love to see what you do with the inspiration. Lovely photos as always Melba.

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