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I dreamed of having roses in my small urban garden to add color and fragrance. Learning how to care for roses outdoor, since space in my garden, is a premium made my dream come true.

The secret to a flourishing and healthy rose is understanding 5 key components; type of rose to grow, feeding, the art of deadheading, timing for pruning as well and how to prune the rose to not overtake your garden and instead highlight the beauty of the rose.

How to care for roses outdoors

Let me take you on the journey of growing the most stunning roses. I grow so many roses in my tiny garden and it all comes down to keeping your rose healthy. This is not complicated, I will share all of my secrets on how I grow roses successfully in this post. Grab your pen and paper, these tips are about to change your rose journey into an epic one.

I have already begun my search for a couple of new roses. Have you?! What rose are you loving?

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The biggest secret to keeping your rose bush healthy is selecting a disease-resistant variety. In our humid and non stop rain climate, this changes so much in the amount of maintenance and quality of roses we get.

Some think roses are too much work, but they are not. Keep a mindful gardening practice and I will provide you with the best techniques for getting beautiful roses. A beginner gardener can grow these beauties and have it be so enjoyable and rewarding.

There are other factors that come into a rose optimal health:

  • LOCATION: Where to plant roses sun or shade is the most important step. Place your rose where it will get 6 minimum hours of sunlight, preferably 8 hours.
  • SOIL: Select a location where you have enriched soil. I love using fish compost to provide the best foundation to the rose.
  • WATERING: Keep soil evenly moist, but never water from above. Keeping the leaves dried will prevent fungal diseases. A deep soaking is best instead of watering too often.
  • DISEASES: Remove leaves that show any diseases, yellowing, or powdery mildew. I do this each morning on my garden walk, Make sure to discard those leaves, do not throw them on the ground. Discarding then on the ground will cause diseases to spread even more rapidly.
  • FEEDING: I use a rose fertilizer, but feeding the roses is even more important. Watch YouTube for details on exactly how to select and feed your rose for the most blooms.
  • AIRFLOW: Along with proper watering, allow the rose to have space around it to provide airflow and prevent fungal diseases to have the perfect environment to thrive. Pruning your rose is going to provide you with the space you need and prevent diseases.


Deadheading is removing the dead rose in order to encourage the rose to form new ones. There is one important factor about deadheading to get more blooms. You must have a ‘Repeat Bloomer’ type rose in order to get constant blooms throughout the season.

In my small garden I do not own any other rose type since I want flowers throughout the season. Do keep in mind that if you want your rose hips to harvest at the end of the season, make sure not to remove the last roses for them to develop.

what to plant with roses

What is the 5 leaf rule for roses?

When deadheading, prune at the exact point that you find the first 5-leaf rose. You will see a lot of 3-leaf stems, but if you watch closely, on the 5-leaf stem, you may see a new rose already developing in the crevice between the 5-leaf stem and the branching stem.

One of the best things about roses is how many types you can get; climbing, rambling, rose trees, and rose bushes. Rose plant care in pots is very similar, so you can grow them, even if you have very limited space. When you prune roses, you are adapting them to your needs and signaling to them what you want them to do. It is a beautiful relationship between you and the rose.

I also show exactly how to go through this process in the video to guide you on the correct method that will keep the blooms coming.

When to Deadhead Roses?

The best way to keep blooms coming is to deadhead consistently throughout the season. Deadhead the faded blooms, which will provide the strength the rose plant needs to keep new flowers showing up.

rose plant care in pots


As you are deadheading, also prune branches that cross each other to allow airflow. My morning routine consist of 3 things I always do to my roses for the best outcome:

  1. Check for disease leaves.
  2. Deadhead spent rose flowers.
  3. Prune branches that cross each other.

In the middle of that routine, take the time to admire your amazing work and what you have accomplished in your small dream garden.


SELECTINGFor consistent flowering, select a repeat-bloomer type.Selecting the wrong type will prevent you from having blooms throughout the season. You will only get one show (flush) of flowers.
SUNLIGHT6 hours minimumAny amount of light less will give you a rose bush, but few roses.
SOILWell-drained soil with a rich compost.Roses will suffer if the soil is not well-drained and the root can become waterlogged, causing a lot of problems.
WATERINGBe consistent and water less but thoroughly.Overwatering is the biggest cause of fungal diseases.
FEEDINGFeeding is just as important as fertilizing to support the growth and consistent blooming.It is easy to think over-fertilizing is even better, but it is not. You can burn the root and cause more issues. Watch the video for my exact strategy.
DEADHEADINGImportant step to get continuous blooms. Use the 5 leaf strategy for the best outcome.You must be consistent to not limit the flowering. Not deadheading properly will slow down the bloom production.
PRUNINGPruning will save space in your small garden and shape the rose plant. Provide airflow and you will prevent disease.Improper pruning can damage the plant. Watch the video for the correct way to prune different types of roses.

how to plant roses from stems


Each petal will provide you with the biggest joy as you nurture them, and yourself, while caring for them. Whether you are a beginner gardener or experienced, growing roses is possible and enjoyable.

Remember when selecting your roses, that color will transform your garden’s look and feel.

Use the tips and video to understand the exact things you need to have them flourish and feed your rose and soul.

You Cocoon Awaits You,

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how to care for roses outdoors


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