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A ranunculus garden will provide the most beautiful look to your outdoor space. Growing ranunculus from corms indoors will assure you will have many flowers with a head start. We will cover if they are difficult to grow, what plants grow well with ranunculus, if they only bloom once, and whether they’re invasive so that you will be successful growing ranunculus in your garden.

ranunculus garden

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With every blog post, I realize how much closer we are getting to spring and it makes me giddy. We are working on some changes to our small garden so that we can grow even more flowers this season. We will be adding more raised garden beds and taking advantage of using just about every available square inch of it. My hubby is ready to dig in, well, maybe not that ready. LOL! Check out my GARDEN WITH PURPOSE | Gardening Changed my Life! You will get to know about my story and why I have become such a huge fan of taking my garden and an attachment to every flower I grow!

It is common knowledge that I am a little obsessed, okay, maybe a ton obsessed, with growing dahlias. But I need to share all I know about a ranunculus garden as these incredibly beautiful flowers have made the top 5 on my list to grow. There are a lot of flowers on the list, but this delicate, sophisticated bloom is like no other.

Okay, get ready to learn about the ranunculus flower, so incredibly gorgeous. To me, what makes it so special is the delicate flowers, even more, delicate than roses. They come in pastel colors but are also available in vibrant tones, making them so perfect for creating bouquets. The best news is that they grow so easily indoors from corms.

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Ranunculus is a perennial plant, which means that they do grow back every year, under the right conditions, zone 7-8 are perennials, other zones are annuals and you will need to dig them out to grow indoor for next season.

If your zone is too hot in the summer consider planting the starters in the Spring in containers for summer blooms. This way you can move them around if it gets too hot. Being in zone 7 or 8 allows you to plant them in the fall on the ground for a spring show. I grow my ranunculus indoors since the weather here has been too unpredictable. I like to be safe!

ranunculus bloom time


It is best to plant ranunculus corms in the fall before the ground is too hard from the cold. It all depends on your zone, but for zone 8b, we plant them in October or November. Planting in the fall is always best, it allows the root to get established and be healthier when it blooms next season.

I personally have no problem starting them indoors the same year I am going to plant them. Because the cold weather has been lasting much longer the past 2 years, I feel it is acceptable.

Now, if you live in a warmer zone, you can plant the corms on the ground later, November to December. You will get beautiful blooms in the Spring.

Remember that the source you use to get your corms will provide information on the specific variety you are getting. It is always a good practice to learn from the information provided, since they know the specific requirements for the variety you are getting.


I will be honest, they can be a little tricky, but not growing indoors. The reason they are a little hard to grow has more to do with the soil and weather. Trust me, my ranunculus last season did not do as great because the rain was none stop until July. This is super important, you must have well-draining soil or like dahlia tubers, they will rot. Make sure you are using a very high-quality soil mix. You can add perlite or some type of sand mix to improve the drainage of your soil.

The flower looks fragile and soft, but do not overwater them. Keep the soil moist and try to avoid getting water on the leaves and flowers. Water around the base of the plant first thing in the morning, so that the plant has time to dry before evening. I have to watch my mother, who has a extra nurturing thumb and waters, with love, a little too much. She is special!


The ranunculus flower has such an elegant look and I love to plant them along with pansies, as the scale variation makes for a beautiful contrast in a ranunculus garden. They both have the same sunlight requirements making them perfect to grow together. The other great thing about planting both together is that they require the same temperature to grow. If you don’t like pansies, you can also consider primrose flowers. They have a similar look and scale to the pansies.


I would not consider them invasive, though the corms multiply so you get more plants to form one at the end of the season. Do keep in mind that they self-seed and will spread in certain conditions, not in an aggressive manner. Maintaining an eye on the growth and spread is critical if you are going to keep them in the group through winter.

If you do have concerns about your ranunculus garden, consider growing them in containers. They will grow beautifully.


Want to get started on your beautiful ranunculus garden? First thing is to have stored your corms in a dry place.

ranunculus in pots



  • Inspect your corms to make sure they are not moldy or in bad shape. Remove any bad corms.
ranunculus perennial
  • Presprouting corms; Soak corms with room temperature water. The water should not be any cooler than 55 degrees.
do ranunculus bulbs multiply
  • Soak bulbs for a total of 4 hours, but keep in mind that it is best to change the water every hour to prevent any diseases. You will see that the corms are now plump and look very healthy.
ranunculus flower season


  • It is time to get them in the soil to get established and begin growing. On a shallow container with no holes, add an inch of soil and place your corms. Many place them 4″ apart, but I go much tighter and it seems to be okay. You just need to keep an eye out for when they are ready to be divided and not feel cramped, so it won’t impact the plant negatively. You know me! I am growing a lot of them, so I choose to go this way to save space.
ranunculus bulbs
  • Make sure you have placed the ranunculus corm with the pointy legs pointing down.
spring flowers
  • Add another 1″ of soil above the corm, making sure they are all covered.


  • This next step is important; ranunculus will germinate in the dark. I add a to cover to it until they germinate and then take it off. When you take it off, make sure that the grow light is just 2″-4″ above the tray so they don’t get leggy. Make sure you are labeling the flower varieties. I use a chopstick to divide the different variety groups and this way I only need one label for each type. Once they sprout, you are ready to place them outdoors.
grow flowers


  • Water by spraying the soil, but do not overwater, remember what I stated about overwatering rotting the corms? I don’t risk pouring water because it gives me less control over the amount of moisture. I find that the spraying form above works much better.
  • Once they sprout, if you are not ready to place them outdoors, you are ready to place them in pots. I use a small pot since they will be going outside pretty soon. Make sure you harden the plant before placing it outside.


Flowers like ranunculus have such beauty and soft fragrance and growing them impacts you in such a positive manner on your mental health. When spring begins, I am so mentally ready to feed my soul by seeing flowers when the season starts. Flowers and plants reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and it helps with concentration. Check out my blog post 10 BENEFITS OF GARDENING! | It can change your life.

Always consult your healthcare provider before using any of the things I mention or applying them to your life. I am speaking from my own experience and sharing what has transform and made a positive impact in my life


Growing my own flower, like ranunculus, make me beyond happy. It is such a rewarding experience and helps my mood. Give this experience a try and watch how this little corm will bring you so many hours of enjoyment. I can’t wait until you aer enjoying your ranunculus flower bouquet in your home.

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  1. Good luck growing your ranunculus this year! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate! They are such beautiful flowers! Thanks for the step-by-step instructions!

  2. I am an obsessed with growing ranunculus. I have some windowsill plants that are just budding, but up until this point I’ve been unsuccessful as the bulbs that got past the rainy springs would get fried by sudden summers. So right now they’re growing inside on a south windowsill but are also supplemented by a grow light in the evenings. My goal is to grow enough so that all the teachers and working moms nearby have flowers!

    1. Hi Michelle! I love ranunculus also, they are such beauties. They are worth growing but are a bit picky on watering and sunlight. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you with growing them indoors through blooming. I will keep my fingers crossed that you have tons of flowers to share with the teachers and working moms. Thank you for sharing your flower journey and always remain creative!

  3. Good luck growing ranunculus! They are gorgeous flowers and you share great tips! I miss gardening and wish I could garden so badly. Pinned!

    1. Thank you so much Cindy! Ranunculus are such beauties, love them so much. You can live in the garden through me! Hugs my sweet friend…

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