COLOR IN THE GARDEN | It Will Boost Your Mood.

Color in the garden can improve your health and well-being through the amazing power of color. Furthermore, the right hues for you will promote relaxation, make you feel better and enhance the way you go about your day. Even better, color can be a source of inspiration and so much joy. In an outdoor space it just makes the garden look beautiful, but it also transforms the spirit.

color in the garden

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Wow, color the biggest magic in any garden! Color does not have to mean vibrant colors that blind you, it can be so much more.

First and most important is to understand that color comes from many things, including the flowers or food you grow, the wildlife that visits, and the sky above you. Color does not stop at a level up or down, side to side. It is the feel and look of the entire view of your experience.

What will Work Best in My Garden

It is all about personal preference and what look you want to achieve. However, I do think that it is important to find a combination that is timeless, just as important that it achieves the mood you are in need of.

  • Black and White: I love this because it is timeless and the black makes it bold, but it still provides an opportunity to be sophisticated. White feels clean and the black accents anchors the elements in the space with confidence.
  • White and Green: This is my favorite combination! It is fresh and clean and it connects with nature and the surrounding environment effortlessly.
  • Peach and neutral: This becomes romantic in the feel. Today you can find so many beautiful shades of pink with a peach undertone that reminds you of flowers in the garden. Still, when I think of this, I immediately think of dahlias, pink and peach are my favorite colors! This combination works so well against natural materials.
  • Yellow, white, and Orange: Love this calming but energetic combination. Visually it can be soft or vibrant, it will stand out against the natural green and make a statement.
  • Blue and Bronze: The contrast and the nostalgic feel of the bronze add so much excitement, but it is also warm in feel.
  • Pink, white, and Yellow: Add different shades of pink with brighter accents of yellow, and red in it as a touch of interest and you have a winner. Look at flower combinations!

When designing your garden, not only think of paint or flowers for color. Read ‘VEGETABLE COLORS | Unveiling the Green and Purple Harvest from my Enchanting Garden.’

If you are looking for more tips on flowers to grow, check out ‘March Gardening | SAVE MONEY & TIME!’.

garden color scheme


My absolute favorite combination is Bright green and blue! the combination goes so well together, after all, they are complimentary colors on the color wheel. This means that they are opposite to each other in the color wheel, which creates amazing contrast and drama.

Undoubtedly, the bright green foliage in plants and flowers provides a warm backdrop to the cooler tones, such as the blues. This is such a calming combination because you can find it in nature and creates a soothing effect. Even more, the combination is also timeless and provides peaceful, harmonious making a highlight in the space.

If you are getting ready to update or design your outdoor space, read ‘9 Outdoor Decorating Ideas | DECODING A TIMELESS GARDEN’ to create a beautiful garden haven.

flower color combination drawings


Without a doubt, color provides an experience that gives you the feel-good of natural medication. On the other hand, sound enhances the overall experience. Here are a few things you can think of when you start considering sound in your garden.

  • Enhances a feeling of wellbeing.
  • Encourage you to be more active or creative.
  • Gives you some relaxation.
  • Provide clarity in a moment of solitude.

To sum up, spending time in nature is beneficial to your health, but considering colors when designing or selecting flowers will be the most powerful move you make. When designing your garden, don’t think of color as just decorating, think of it as your nature therapy. Check out my GARDEN WITH PURPOSE | Gardening Changed my Life! You will get to know about my story and why I have become such a huge fan!

colorful gardens


If you are looking for the perfect healthy garden that creates a feeling that is specific to your wellbeing, incorporate sound and color as you think of designing your space.

Another group of flowers I love to play with color are roses. The variation and style are immense and so inspiring.

The balance of color refers to how it is placed throughout the garden. When it is all done it will feel approachable, provide a feeling, give an appearance of what you desire most.

Ways to Create Balance in the Garden

  • Creating Color Groups: In the garden you can group different plants together in large groups to create a block of color.
  • Gradation of Color and Scale: This approach is how to go from one plant group to another or from one space to another. For example, if you want to create an impact add a red maple tree, with its bright leaves, and transition to soft white flowers on the base of the tree canopy, for a softer feel.
  • Monochromatic and Simple: I tend to use this approach most in my garden. What’s more, I am looking for different shades of the same color to provide me with a soothing feel and bring interesting textures for interest. When you have colors of different scales grouped together, it becomes a textural experience.
  • Symmetrical or Asymmetrical: Do you want a symmetrical look where you have the same look on both sides of your pathway, balcony, or garden? Does this make you feel more balanced and at peace? On the other hand, you could be someone that needs asymmetrical balance to bring more energy and keep your interest.

To clarify, you can use different approaches in different areas of your garden. I have a secret garden that has mostly groupings of brighter colors and I go there when I need a boost. And the bees and hummingbirds looooove that area! We watch them on our sofa, it is quite fun. Check out my blog post 10 BENEFITS OF GARDENING! | It can change your life.

colorful garden ideas


How to harvest calendula seeds


I know that it may feel intimidating or overwhelming to select colors for your garden, but let me provide you with easy tips to make it easier to approach the process. Let’s explore some of the ways to ease into it:

Where to Start with Colors:

  1. Experiment first: Don’t make a final decision before you get started! Play with different combinations by going to your local hardware store and getting paint samples to work with. You can also use materials or accessories in your home. Look at a photogram and all the colors that attracted you to it and play with the paint color to get to this combination that is so bliss.
  2. Start with the color that makes you sing: What is your favorite color? Select a color that you keep being drawn to and would really love to see in the garden. Find the images with that color at first and you will begin to notice other colors in the combination that you will be attracted to.
  3. Nature, nature, nature!: Did I say nature?! Go for a walk and look at your natural surroundings. The best starting point for selecting color is given to you right in your neighborhood. A park, a walking trail, a sunset, a bird, a flowering tree. Right now with spring approaching, get your camera phone out and take some photos to use.

You are Still Feeling Unsure? Here Are Some More Helpful Tips!

Not ready yet! Okay, if you are still on the fence, then look at adding colorful annuals that bring you joy so you can begin to feel more confident with color and see how each makes you feel. The next time you can start adding the more costly flowers to your garden. I know you can do this! I believe in you…

You want to get going with creating your garden? Check out Learn more on “Gardening for Beginners | You Must Know this First!’. You can also take a look at ‘More About Me!‘ and get to know me.

garden color schemes


So let’s bring color into the garden today and get all the benefits it can provide. Whether vibrant color for energy and joy or soft colors for a soothing experience.

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  1. Thanks for all the great tips and ideas about adding color to the garden! I am always drawn to pink and purple flowers! I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful pictures! Pinning this now!

    1. I love pink so much also, but I have been drawn to softer tones with a peach hue. It really calms me in the garden. So happy you enjoyed the post, thank you!

  2. Thanku for sharing your tips on color! I love your photography, you should do a book with your beautiful flowers and garden space … just love them! 🫶🏻💚

    1. Thank you so much Elaine! Maybe one day I will dedicate myself to doing this to share the flowers and garden even more. Thanks for the amazing encouragement!

  3. There’s so much great information in this post. I haven’t thought much about how the colours in a garden can change your mood. Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration.

    1. You made me so happy! Color does amazing things to our wellbeing. It is so important to see what colors moves us to feel how we need. Enjoy the warmth! We have a while to go before we get warm, so for now, I am grateful to see sun.

  4. This is a fantastic post. I can hear your excitement and joy in your writing. I wish physically I was able to garden but it is wat it is. So I grow low-maintenance plants for spring and summer and take their beauty of color choice in every year.

    1. Thank you so much Cindy! The garden has been a gift to me in so many ways. In the winter when I can garden, I grow microgreen or do hydroponics indoors. It is a great and low maintenance way to get what I need. I stay focused on something positive to keep me going through the dark days.

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