VEGETABLE COLORS | Unveiling the Green and Purple Harvest from my Enchanting Garden.

Embark on an exciting walk of the garden in August and explore the most beautiful vegetable colors. Vibrant greens to rich purples provide an elegant look to your garden. Color entices you to eat healthy foods and awakens curiosity. Let’s delve into the world of color on vegetables that celebrate how nature provides us with so many options. Get inspired to plan what vegetables to grow and begin planning your garden to create your stunning garden. From edible flowers to delicious vegetables!

vegetable colors

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Hello, my Cocoon friends! Can you believe this basket of veggies? August is my favorite time of the year, so much to harvest and the colors are bursting. I am so thrilled to share what I am harvesting this season and how it has created the most beautiful harvest basket to date. You may want to consider some of these beauties in your garden next season. Find inspiration by using an artistic approach to your gardening planning.

Consider mindful gardening when selecting the direction you want for the feel, color, or fragrances in your garden. Read ‘Mindful Garden | What is Beyond the Blossoms? TOUR THE BEAUTIFUL SUMMER GARDEN.’.

vegetable color chart


Growing flowers is a big passion of mine because of the color it adds to the garden. But did you know that you have a huge array of vegetables you can grow that can also add incredible color to your garden and food? You are about to discover that paint my garden with the most beautiful greens and purples, creating a storybook gardening experience.

7 color vegetables

What Vegetables are Purple in Color?

We need to have a talk about the royal color that needs to be in every garden, PURPLE! Here is a list of my favorites this season;

  • Mini Eggplant
  • Purple Sweet Pepper Beauty
  • Blue Shelling Snow Pea
  • Murasaki Sweet Pepper
  • Thai Basil
  • Salvia Silver Sabre Sage – you can use these leaves like regular sage and the flowers can be a garnish.

Purple bok choy is another beautiful vegetable to add to your garden. I will say that slugs tend to love this vegetable so it does need more care than the above. The slugs seem to leave the regular bok choy alone but will devour the purple one in no time. If you are in an area where slugs are a problem, I would not move forward with growing this variety.

I showed you my pot with the eggplant last post and I am here to say that it is still the most incredible plant. I need to convince you to grow this mini eggplant. It is giving so many mini eggplants and the bigger it gets, the more beautiful it is. Place this plant on the top of your list, you will absolutely love it!


Bright Green Yellow Jewel Highlights

Using these kaleidoscope of green yellows will make the purple stand out and not fade into the background. Consider growing:

  • White Zinfandel Sweet Pepper
  • Super Sugar Peas – Love this one because it is disease resistant and it does not grow so much you can’t control it.
  • Banana Peppers
  • Dill – I grow it even more for the flowers, they are a beautiful yellow and turn green when the seed pods begin.
  • Golden Oregano
  • Salvia White Edge Sage – I love the beautiful silver edging on this sage. You can use it just like regular sage when cooking with meat.
  • Green Scallop Bennings Squash
  • Feverfew – Easier to grow than chamomile, but similar in flavor and health benefits.
  • Chives – The flowers are beautiful and delicious. Also good to make vinegar or as a garnish.


Growing lettuces and kale can provide you with tasty and delectable salad ideas for your edible art. Grow any of the unique salad greens which tend to be softer in texture and delicious!

Explore some of these options for kales and other salad greens:

  • Scarlet Kale
  • Red Russian
  • Dazzling Kale
  • Outredgeous Lettuce
  • Pablo Lettuce


How to harvest calendula seeds

I stayed away from the dinosaur kale this season and instead explored the many softer varieties available. The main reason is how large this plant gets. Also, the more delicate leaves of the other varieties are so much more elegant on the landscape and to me, they taste better. The leaf is more tender and I like it more raw on my salad.

You need to determine what you are going to use your kale for and go from there. If you are growing to saute or add to your smoothies, the dinosaur kale is a great one. If you are looking to enhance your landscape, add color and eat raw, the options above are better to plant.


The magic of eating different colors of food, the fresh ones, is that they are delicious and so nutritious. It also makes for a fun experience when you explore the other colors that can be on your plate. You can grow vibrant reds, greens, blues, purples, oranges and beautiful yellows. Adding color on your plate will make you more excited to eat your veggies, it does to me!

But did you know that they are not only gorgeous and intriguing, but they are jam- packed with so much that is good for you. Color on your veggies mean that they are full of vitamins and minerals and even antioxidants that will help you stay healthy and even help in making you happy.

Why the Veggies you Select and their Color Make a Difference

I love to introduce colorful veggies to help my immune system. Eating more vegetables grown in my garden has helped me fight inflammation. Consuming the vegetables that I buy at the store has not had the same impact on me. Though I will say that if you can’t grow them, it is good to have your veggies. Maybe try a local farmer or a neighbor like me, who is growing at home and loves to share.

So have fun with your seed selection and think color. Imagine you are selecting that special fabric to add to your living room. Make it fun, don’t fear, and explore.

Make sure to consult with your healthcare provider before using any herbs or supplements to support your immune system, especially if you have underlying health conditions or are taking medication.

Do you want to add color to your garden? Read my post ‘COLOR IN THE GARDEN | It Will Boost Your Mood.’

color of fruit and vegetables and benefits


Be open to trying new vegetables and think of these as the throw pillows on your sofa. They are the highlight of the garden; by adding color you add a whole new dimension that decorates your garden beds and brings curiosity and desire to keep exploring.

The motivation to explore new varieties of vegetables really helps with adding elegance, and even more serenity to the garden. I can’t get enough of trying new vegetables each season! Of course, I have my tried and true that I do every season and they excite me, but the new ones keep mindful gardening present by exploring, within me, what will make me look forward to gardening day after day.

benefits of green fruit and vegetables


Absolutely not, you can grow any type of kale and salad greens or other veggies if you know the basics on how to grow vegetables from seed.

The most exciting thing about growing from seed is the number of options available to all of us. Get exploring the world of vegetables, you will not regret it! To make it really easy, select two colors you love and build from there your oasis. A simple step that makes for garden success.

What two colors are you doing next season?

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  1. We had a bunch of fruitful eggplants one year— and the kids didn’t like eating them– but I did…. They are so very pretty! Maybe I should just grow them for their pretty flowers and fruit….

    1. Yes, even if you want beautiful leaves and flowers, it is such a great plant to grow. And since the fruit is small, it is enough just for you! LOL!

  2. Melba, Purple is one of my favorite colors so I enjoyed seeing all of your beautiful veggies and flowers! Those snow peas look amazing! Enjoy your harvest!

    1. I am so surprised how much I love the purple in the garden. You may like to grow some of the veggies and flowers I did, the colors are so stunning.

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