Easy Garden Ideas for Beginners | GROW TOMATOES on a STRING!

Embrace easy garden ideas for beginners as you start your garden and leave aside any worries that you don’t have enough space to create your oasis. You can create a paradise to reconnect and grow by adding plants with purpose the right way. Begin with planning to grow for beauty and nourishment, understand what to grow, and how to make it simple enough to flourish and prevent any frustration.

Easy garden ideas for beginners


Creating your small sanctuary takes careful planning, but it is not complicated. Let me show you easy garden ideas and methods I use to save space and add color, interest, and beauty to my small space.

By having clear plans and direction you will make excellent choices that will be creating the biggest impact in your garden.

  • When planning, consider growing vertically the unexpected and gain space.
  • Add colorful blooms with flowers that have a purpose, such as a pest control and food for your family bunnies chickens, or quails.
  • Embrace vegetable container planting and raised garden beds as art.
  • Select a few plant varieties you feel comfortable with and introduce different colors of the same to reduce feeling overwhelmed.
  • Mix edible plants, vegetables and herbs, along with flowers in your raised garden bed and containers.

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a. DIY Garden Idea – Grow Tomatoes Vertically

Maximizing the space tomatoes take is important to save space and prevent disease by trimming the plant back; growing on a string and removing suckers are key to great tomatoes. Last year I grew with wire fencing and I was not happy with the look. So this year I was determined to make my orange accordion tomatoes the star of the garden beds!

  1. Select a spot that gets 8 hours of sun.
  2. Prepare the soil with compost and vermiculite.
  3. Plant the tomato after resting the string inside the hole you have made.
  4. Place the seedling on top of the string and fill the whole with soil.
  5. This will make the string set on the bottom.
  6. Add a Trellis of your choice to support beautiful Tomato. Make sure it is stable enough to support the full height of the tomato plant when it is fully grown.
  7. Tie the string to the top of the trellis to secure the tomato.
  8. As the tomato grows, wrap the string around the plant. Make sure to wrap it on the bottom of the leaf stem, at the armpit, so the plant won’t be damaged. This will hold the string in place and guide the tomato plant.
  9. Water and fertilize.

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Now you have cleared the bed to allow for other vegetables and herbs. Some of the plants I am growing with my tomatoes are;

  • Herbs; cilantro, basil (peach and purple basil)
  • Squash
  • Nasturtiums
  • Dill
  • Fennel
  • Violets
  • Parsley
  • Peppers.
  • Cilantro
  • Tons of basil! (Holy basil, purple basil and Thai basil)

b. Nasturtiums instead of Marigolds as a Creative Gardening Idea

This year I decided to find another plant that I love to help me battle pests in the garden. Every year I grow African marigolds, they are white and lovely. But, I have never been a big fan of them, I love plants that have some softness and more dimension. I mainly did not enjoy how high the plant grew and how they looked as they wilted.

I have found that Nasturtiums can also help with pests and they are now all over my beds and containers. They are beautiful with just the leaves and love how the entire plant is edible. This strategy has worked really well so far; slugs and aphids are going to them instead of my other vegetables.

Nasturtiums are now on my quail diet and they get the leaves that are not pretty from pests as treats. They are a natural wormer and rich in nutrients.

Another great use for them is to soften the edges of a raised garden bed.

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garden ideas for small spaces


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c. Easy Garden Plants that Become a Work of Art in the Garden

Every detail counts in a small garden and it is noticed. Growing a specific vegetable in a pot can become an art piece!

One I am enjoying so much is the mini eggplant on a tall pot and a trellis to control the growth. The leaves have purple veining and the flowers are so stunning! Make sure to add this one to your garden.

d. “The” Flower you Need in your Garden Easy Garden ideas on a budget

In a small space you want flowers either to help with the pollinators or to be edible. I like flowers to have a purpose:

  • Add Beauty
  • Edible
  • Pest Control
  • Pollinator friendly
  • Delightful fragrance

This flower is beyond amazing; The “EDIBLE PETUNIA”, Superbissima.Giant Rose. This petunia flower grows 5-7″ in size and it has a sweet fragrance. You can make a blue color tea out of the flowers and by adding lime, the color will turn pink. I am beyond excited about this addition to the garden.

Simple garden ideas on a budget

You can grow this beauty from seed which makes this so affordable for the impact.

  1. Surface sow
  2. Sprout in 7 to 14 days.
  3. Needs temperatures of 75 to 80 degrees.
  4. Grow indoors.
  5. Not frost hardy

Continue to add flowers full of purpose to your small garden.


Simplicity is key, too complicated and it will become frustrating and not be enjoyable. You can repeat the plants you are growing in different areas, such as herbs and flowers. The plants I love to repeat throughout the garden, because they are so many variety available are:


I love how many are available, they smell incredible, are delicious, and deter pests. My top four are:

  • Purple basil
  • Peach basil
  • Thai basil
  • Holy basil

One of my favorites is Thai basil. I love this basil a lot because of the beautiful purple flowers the bees love. I add this basil to every bed and let it bolt as an invitation and gift to friendly pollinators.

Easy garden ideas


This is the most incredible plant, the varieties are so many. From variegated leaves, different color leaves and flowers, trailing vs. bush for more compact spaces like container planting. I also love growing some trailing nasturtiums with the beans on the arch this year to add color and impact.

My favorite bush nasturtiums are:

  • Cherry rose
  • Alaska Red Shades
  • Orchid Cream

My favorite trailing or semi trailing nasturtiums are:

  • Purple Emperor
  • Empress of India
diy outdoor garden ideas

Welcome a minimalist approach when it comes to selecting what you grow. The variety will provide you with a different feel on each area if you want, add beauty, and make the design more cohesive. By selecting plants that thrive, you are setting the tone for the positive experience you will have this season.


You have the vegetables that are easy to grow, like potatoes, beets, carrots and salad greens. Check out my post ‘

But think also about the color on vegetables when you are planting your garden. One of the easiest and most impactful vegetables to grow is Chard. The stems are incredibly colorful! My favorite is pink chard, the pink stem is so bright and gorgeous and the leaves have the most beautiful green. A very easy and delicious option, my bunny Kai’s favorite and ours.

Small garden ideas photos


DIY Vegetable Garden Ideas for Small Spaces that I grow each year and would not do without:

Salad GreensNasturtiums
PeasEdible Petunias
Herbs (the pineapple mint has amazing variegated leaves! )Sweet Peas
Salad Greens (love the red merlot)Chamomile
Mini EggplantRoses
Blue PotatoesViolas

Make sure you are growing plants such as mint, oregano, and chamomile, in containers. Be aware if a plant is invasive and grow it in a container so you won’t need to worry about removing it later. I grew chamomile last season and have a few going on my path even though they were in a container. But this is an instant that is a bonus for me. Any chamomile, pansy, or violets that grow in my garden, I embrace!



We won’t succeed at every turn, but I assure you that will learn something from the experience. Not only about gardening but gardening mindfully. The peaceful escape you will create will call you each day and offer you the moment we all search for, a moment of peace of mind.







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  1. Melba, I love seeing all the beautiful pictures from your garden. They are so inspiring and I always learn something new! Those edible petunias are amazing!! Thanks for sharing, Donna

    1. Thank you so much, Donna! You would love the petunias, they are really so unique. I can’t believe how large the blooms are!

  2. Great idea, Melba! I will try this, I have the cattle panel hoop on the tomato planter and will tie it straight to the top. 🙂

    1. Thanks Elli! You will find it so much easier to take care of the tomato and it looks so pretty. Enjoy tomato season!

  3. Melba,
    I only have 1 tomato plant this year and so far the deer have eaten it twice, it just came back and had 2 tomatoes and this morning a squirrel ate 1. Thank God I am not trying to grow food for my family the only successful thing I have been able to grow is hot peppers and I do not like them.
    Your garden is an inspiration and so beautiful!

    1. Oh no! I am lucky not to have to deal with deer in a small garden. You will need to build a portage garden. I would love to help you design one! SO FUN!

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