Changing the look of my countertops is a normal thing in my home. On this post I will show different easy ways how to decorate kitchen countertops and be able to adjust for the seasons or just because you feel like a change.

Staging kitchen counters is the best way to change the feel of the space. It is important to find the ones that will allow you to transform the use or the look of the space. Let’s explore Inspiration to draw from, a checklist for ideas, how to stage decorations and why it is important. Some decor items from jars, flowers, vegetables, cooking books, art, baskets, cutting boards, tea or coffee making, vintage collections and more!

how to decorate kitchen countertops ideas


How staging kitchen counter includes taking inspiration from your daily life.

I take inspiration from what you love to do in the kitchen.

  • Cooking or Baking by finding recipes on Books.
  • Displaying vegetables from your garden.
  • Experimenting with different spices.
  • Enjoy Coffee or Tea.
  • Enjoy cooking with different types of salts; sea salt, pink salt, kosher salt.
  • Display flowers from the garden or dry flowers.
  • Bread making.
  • Collection of cooking items, art or books.
  • Cutting Boards
  • Trays

Actually, you will be surprised on how many things you have around you that will be amazing decor, but also bring joy.

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When you are looking at staging kitchen counters, you will be amazed how much can be used. Not only the decor items but items for cooking like spices, flour, salts and more!

  1. Coffee Pot Collection
  2. Tea Making Utensils
  3. Spice Jars
  4. Cutting Boards
  5. Pestle and Mortars
  6. Art
  7. Cooking Books
  8. Fresh Vegetables
  9. Jars
  10. Cooking Utensils
  11. Utensil Holder
  12. Cooking Pots
  13. Baskets
  14. Marble Cutting Board and Display
  15. Fresh Flowers or Dry Flowers

Select cooking utensils that have the same look and add a holder. The utensil holder works great when it has the same color as part of your utensils, it makes it look like one element.

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Staging kitchen countertops


Sometimes we think of changing the decor for the season in a thematic way, EASTER, HALLOWEEN, FALL, THANKSGIVING or CHRISTMAS. This type of season decorating is great and brings great joy, but you can take it to a different level by introducing much more and change the staging kitchen counters approach.

How to style kitchen counters can be accomplished by looking at the way you use the each area daily.

Take notes on how you use each area and what you need around it to either cook, prepare a drink or inspire you.


  • Replace coffee flavors to change from summer roast to a pumpkin or mint flavor.
  • Change spices from parsley or basil to adding warming spices like pumpkin, ginger, all spice, cardamon, cinnamon, even cloves.
  • A dedicated area can be assigned for bread making or making deserts for the different seasons.
  • Fill jars with candied nuts or candies that area seasonal.
  • Introduce a dedicated tea area with a beautiful kettle next to it.

When Fall and Winter comes, we love to do more indoors like baking, drinking tea often, instead of during Spring or Summer. We are introducing a lot more spices and baking, needing more display area for them. I believe it is important that the kitchen decor inspiration matches your daily use and routine.

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How to style kitchen countertops


This one is critical and I don’t take it for granted when learning how to decorate kitchen countertops.

I feel one of the amazing things that kitchen decor does is inspire me to try something new.

As it happens, I am one of those that sometimes gets it in my head that I can’t bake something.

This Fall season I decided that I wanted to learn to bake sourdough bread! Even the thought was bizarre, because I hate measuring, I cook many times by instinct. I am a good cook, but bread making is not one I have taken a chance on.

What do you want to try next in the kitchen?

kitchen decor ideas modern


To get inspired, I created a special corner of the kitchen where I can see it every day when I enter the kitchen area.

It is a large custom marble top with a fabricated counter edge. It looks like it is part of the counter and the marble provides a large and wonderful surface for baking preparation and can also be used for charcuterie display.

Take a look at my post to see how I used the cutting board as a charcuterie display, ‘5 Easy Steps to Create a Cozy Home’. READ HERE!

Personally, I don’t want marble on my entire island because it does take a lot of maintenance and stains easily.

With the custom marble cutting board at the end of the kitchen island not being built in, I can take it to a stone fabricator and have it refinished. Because I made my stone marble cutting board a honed finish, which means not shiny, but a flat finish. For me the shiny or polish finishes will have more issues, so honed has been so perfect and takes the abuse.

Actually, here is another tip, the lip is great to help keep the stone in place and at the same time look as an integrated part of your island.

I use it for so many things, from charcuterie boards, bread making, desert station, drink station, it has endless possibilities.

I feel this is my absolute best thing in my kitchen!

In addition, bring some natural elements and it will be the coziest and most inspiring area of your kitchen, it is equally important.

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How to decorate kitchen countertops corner


How to decorate kitchen countertops has all to do with what are the critical items to put on kitchen counters.

Simply put, you cannot get anything to work well and especially look amazing, if you don’t clear all of the things that are extra on the counters.

I know, it is not fun, but we have to choose what is truly going to look great, and even more important, work really well!

Here are a few tips to clear the counters:

  • Keep your paper towels under the sink.
  • Place your dish soap in a nice container.
  • Hide your sponge under the sink.
  • Take the family photos and other items you have displayed, off the refrigerator doors. (If you need to have them, place them on the side of the refrigerator)
  • Eliminate a lot of different type of containers from the same area.
  • Put away pots you are not currently using.
  • Organize the cabinets so that you can easily access what you need and not feel like you have to leave it on the counter to find it.
How to style kitchen counters


One of my favorite ways to bring the look together is to cluster and create a vignette. You can see that on most of the photos on the post.

SeaSalt, Pink Salt, Pepper and Sugar containers are a great way to bring the essential cooking things that are used every day. I think this is the most used area in my kitchen.

Find small containers with lids to keep each one; wood or stone. I feel that we don’t need to label anything because we learn what each is.

Actually, it really works so well!

I love to add color by using cooking books and art. It brings that cozy vibe!

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Kitchen decorating ideas countertops

Another great way is to cluster your collectibles.

I love pestle and mortars and have a small collection.

Keeping them all together with the different finishes and textures, bring interest to the corner of the large kitchen island.

How to decorate countertops ideas


This is the secret.

Create a great MOOD!

Yes, the mood you create will not only be inviting you to use the space the proper way, but also enjoy it and keep it the way it was set up.

Take inspiration! Feel the vibe!

Love the time you spend in your kitchen and the way it is set up for each function. Make it feel cozy.

My favorite has to be my coffee/tea area. In love!

What is your favorite thing you incorporated or want to incorporate in staging kitchen counters in your home?

Stay Creative!

Your Cocoon Awaits you!


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  1. Great tips Melba! This post inspires me to empty my countertops and start all over and put my paper towels under the sink – if my hubby doesn’t mind 😉! Pinned!

      1. Thank you so much Cindy! I think it is the most enjoyable, taking the pictures. Seems like I look forward to it the most.

  2. Melba, I love all of your tips. I love creating vignettes in the kitchen. Currently the kitchen in our new house is sorely lacking in personality, function and frankly it just doesn’t work for me so I am having a hard time getting it even remotely like I want it. Our renovations won’t even be stated until March so I am making due. As for the paper towels….my pet peeve. I have them on the counter but every time I put them away they mysteriously appear on the counter again. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Elizabeth, you made me laugh so loud about the paper towel! I know, it took my months to get both my husband and mother to stop placing it on the counter. Crazy glue may help. LOL! Thank you for the kind comments and I can’t wait to hear more about your kitchen renovation. Super exciting!

    1. Thank you Kim, you are so kind! We do enjoy the large counters, all of us can cook at once!

  3. This is a great post!!! I think that the kitchen can sometimes be an overlooked area to decorate, and because it is so often used it is hard for many to know just where to start.
    Thanks so much for all of the inspiration!!!

    1. Thank you Maria! I agree with you about being a space that is overlooked. Last year was when I realized that I needed it to be as cozy as the rest of my house. Probably spending so much time at home and staring at it too often. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Paula! Feels great to have everything handy and beautiful at the same time.

  4. Great list and ideas! I have limited cabinet storage so I used my orange and red Le Creuset pans on the open shelves with jars of condiments. YOu just never know waht will show up!

  5. So many great tips, Melba! I love putting pretty, seasonal veggies and squash on the countertop so I can enjoy their colors. All of your photos are SO gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Stacey! I am loving photographing, it has been a journey of rediscovery for me. I did it when I was a kid and then stopped. So happy I discovered blogging, it has awaken a great thing for me.

    1. I agree with you, it is really fun, except when my husband can’t find something. Again. lOL! He is a good sport and is used to it. I have a whole staging table in my garage with all the things I love to be able to change thing around when I feel like it.

  6. I love that your kitchen has all of these vignettes. They are special moments that catch your eye as you scan the room. I feel like I try to create this effect but it all looks disjointed. Need to try some of your methods!

    1. Thank you Marie! Your home is gorgeous! I think for me all started with my grandma, wanting to honor her. I use a lot of what she left me for my vignettes.

  7. Thank you for sharing these tips! I recently had a cabinet painter redo my kitchen cabinets and my husband installed a new backsplash. With these updates, I’ve been trying to find a way to decorate my kitchen and counters without it looking too cluttered. I just ordered a marble cutting board and a pestle and mortar set, and I can’t wait to get them and decorate with some spring flowers as well!

    1. Hi Ella! Thank you for sweet comment and telling me about your exciting updates. You will need to share some photos via instagram with me, DM me. I can’t wait to see how you use your new accessories. Enjoy your renovated home, it is the best when we create our cozy vibes in our home. Have an amazing day my friend!

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