HOW TO GET INSPIRED to Decorate with Nature in Mind!

I always consider nature when decorating, whether working on a large room or a small vignette in a corner. Come get inspired by keeping natural elements in mind to draw inspiration from.

To get inspired to decorate with nature in mind, look at LIGHTING, COLOR, MOVEMENT AND TEXTURES as a base of the inspiration. The organic feel with the contrast of the more contemporary clean look will provide a soothing balance. Nature based design is welcoming and brings an opportunity to stop and take in the space. Bring together a calming aesthetic in your decoration. Let’s look at the each opportunity next!



Draw inspiration from details in nature in a manner that is unexpected:

  • SHAPES: Use soft edges in your selections.
  • FEEL: Look at adding a throw or a soft color you would find in nature; blue, green or yellow.
  • TEXTURE: Introduce a rough texture, such as wood texture.
  • CONTRAST: Complementing textures or color. An example is a rough city concrete sidewalk with a plant or flower growing from its crevice.
  • OUTDOORS: Bring the outdoor feel, indoor. A basket, a plant or flowers/branches.
  • VARYING COLORS: Introduce a varied amount of color through material selection.
  • LIGHTING: Think of a sunrise, sunset or lighting coming through a spot to create drama. A leaf, the color of the sky, the rough feel of a fallen tree branch or the moss growing along the walking path.
  • USE OF VINTAGE: Create Scenes that bring memories and create a soothing feel.


Green Bottles


Introducing nature does make for a cozy feel and you can interpret this in many ways. Let’s explore each one through photos; To get inspired to decorate with nature in mind, look at LIGHTING, COLOR, MOVEMENT AND TEXTURES.

This is the fun part, play with the unexpected pieces you have in your home and create your own style!

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Bring a Calming Feeling through the use of Soft / Organic Shapes and Materials.

Light Pendat 1
Light Pendant 2

Nothing is safe in my house, I look at changing anything that does not have that welcoming feel. The pendants I found on Amazon and just painted the builder grade hanging post black to make it look cohesive. It provides a great soft light in the morning.

I placed my lights on a dimmer to have more control since the light level in the PNW changes so much throughout the year. We are now in the season that is dark early in the morning. The soft lighting that feels like it glows through the wood pieces is welcome. Add a dimmer if you can, you will love it!

Remember that the small touches is what creates that connection to nature.

A sense of calm is the most important element. This can be easily achieved if you introduce wood materials or organic shapes.

At the end of the counter, I also introduced a mortar & pestle collection as a touch to bring focus away from the cold white counter top of the island.

These touches help transform the overall feel of the space to a more intimate and cozy one.

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Kitchen decoration lamp shade


Use of Textures providing Contrast just as is found in Nature.

Decorate with nature front view
Decorate with nature Side View

For a more dramatic look create contrast between the texture of the materials you decide to use.

An example is to use rustic wood combined with clean clear glass. The contrast of the natural material of the wood against the contemporary glass and clean shapes will highlight the nature theme when displaying the plants.

The use of the neutral background lets the color stand out and become the main focus of the area.

Bring the Outdoor / Indoors!

Decorate with Nature Overall
Decorate with Nature flower 1

For more on table setting and decorating with dahlias, check out my You Tube, ‘A Cozy Day! Harvesting, Table Setting, Dahlias‘.

Using flowers is an easy way to add color to your table setting.

I love the garden and highlighting what is growing. Changing a table setting is the easiest way to bring nature into my home. It is a great opportunity to change it around for different events.

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Introduce Vintage with candles to Create some Nostalgia.

Decorate with Nature Sofa
Decorate with Nature Candle

Think of a walk on the beach or the woods. The movement of the trees with light spilling through branches or the rolling waves with the sun reflecting on moving water. Both brings a feeling of being cozy in nature.

Vintage is the most fun to work with! You can draw inspiration from your family or an item you find while thrifting. One of my favorite pass times and even better, because Frank loves it too. We always have so much fun talking about what we found and reminiscing.

Using vintage pieces throughout the home, along with candles, will highlight the scene. The flickering light of candles adds a beautiful and soft movement to the space.

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We are so blessed to own many vintage pieces from our family!

Candles make a space become so much more intimate providing that nurturing feel that nature provides!

It is not always about materials, it is also about the feel of being in nature, that nurturing we all enjoy.


Bring Natural Elements through the selection of different Materials.

Decorate with Nature Overall
Decorate with Nature detail

Texture does not always refer to a rough material. It can also mean natural, such as copper, combined with the textures of the spices, as well as the dry flowers. The art piece is added to create dimension.

The small detail of the cork on the spices combine with the glass and the spices themselves make a great contrast to the smooth copper pots.

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Decorate with Nature Vase

Look around right now and let me know what interesting item you will be using or what items have been a source on inspiration.

No limit to your imagination!

Stay Creative!

Your Cocoon Awaits you!


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