BEST WAYS of Decorating With Natural Elements IDEAS

Home decorating with natural elements is all the rage.  Why?  So many of us have a need to feel cozy and a sense of comfort.  In this post, we will explore modern natural materials for home decor. I will provide finish options you can use for inspiration on your home decor or keep in mind when working on a DIY nature decor.

Nature House Decor

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What are Natural Elements in Decor?

Decorating your home with natural elements is inspired by the raw feel of nature, the natural world around us.  Finishes vary on design elements;  rustic tiles, organic decor accessories, natural rug selections, Knobby fabrics, and metal accents. Accessories such as baskets, plants, and vintage are introduced.

A great way for inspiration to find the right natural touches and natural fibers to use in your decor, look at the natural beauty around you.

The easiest ways to find them is with natural objects by looking around you in the great outdoors. We will use natural textures for creating modern natural decor ideas with a raw decor feel, let’s create a material vision board that will be the foundation for your living space!

decorating your home with natural elements

Elements to use for a Modern Natural Home Decor.

When working on the organic home decor selections, keep the following items in mind:

  1. Wall Soft paint color or accent texture.
  2. Linen Shears
  3. Natural Fibers in Rugs or Overlayed Rugs.
  4. Knobby fabrics with lots of texture.
  5. Introduction of linen like fabrics.
  6. Rustic woods that vary in natural textures.
  7. Dry Flowers, branches, air plants or Moss.
  8. Weathered Leather or Faux Leather.
  9. Suede Finishes
  10. Glazed tiles with texture
  11. Plants, pine cones, indoor plants 
  12. Baskets or Woven Materials.
  13. Handmade Wall Art. A good way to add a color palette with vibrant colors or different shades.
  14. Simple Modern Sculptures
  15. Vintage Accessories
  16. Natural Stone; Crystals or Agate
  17. Candles
  18. Books

Best Ways to Add a Natural Touch

One of my favorite ways to introduce natural home decor accessories is to add a clean modern vase on a vintage coffee table or console. Even when doing holiday decor, I introduce vintage pieces.

Remember that you can do the above for any look you want, for example; To connect to my love of sailing and the water I wanted to introduce a nautical touch. I achieve this by adding a large driftwood sculpture to my dinning area.

Furthermore, the sculpture as a focal point has a modern, clean shape, but at the same time, the driftwood brings a touch of nature to the dining room. This simple way sometimes makes the biggest impact in your own home, especially if you place it where it gets natural light to create amazing and changing shadows.

Another way I love to incorporate mother nature is by adding a small water feature for the sound.

You are looking to apply this strategy to your backyard? I wrote a post that will guide you step by step on how to decorate your outdoor space and provide you with so many great decorating outdoor ideas.

You can use specific ways to get decorating taken from details in nature. Using nature will elevate the look and make it your own style and not a copy of someone else’s approach to decorating.

christmas decorating with natural elementsJPG

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Will the Natural Room Decor Ideas work on a Modern or Traditional Design Style?

The answer is a clear yes!  The top interior design trend is nature-inspired design; live plants, and organic materials are a touch of nature in your home.

It is all about balancing the materials of the furniture selections with the layer of accessories you add to achieve a modern natural home decor.  You can incorporate this amazing way of decorating with elements of nature for your home’s interior; bedroom, living room, home office or details for your dining room table with a great addition of a cohesive look that adds your own personal style.

Natural Home Decor will work for modern design, Traditional, Transitional, Coastal, Eclectic, and Glam. The best part is that it can be timeless or you can introduce trendy elements if you love keeping up with the looks of the moment.

The outside world can come into your home, not only by using real greenery, but by bringing together a cohesive arrangement in your design.

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Steps to Create your Nature Inspired Home Design.

Create a balance of the shapes and forms scales when you layer the natural look. 

When decorating start by placing the larger pieces in the room you are working on. After this is completed, then move on to the accents pieces of furniture and accessories.. 

Here is the order on how to achieve your nature inspired home design;

  1. Flooring;  Wood or Stone / Tile 
  2. Overall Paint
  3. Accent Wall;  Wood or Wall covering
  4. Hardwire Lighting;  Ceiling Lights, Wall Sconces or Floor Lamps
  5. Drapery
  6. Large furniture pieces such as a sofa, chair, dining table, coffee tables, side tables, bar carts or console.
  7. Wall  Decor such as mirror, or wall art.
  8. Large Plants
  9. Stools
  10. Decorative Pillows
  11. Decorative Throw
  12. Architectural Finishes; Natural Wood, Wood look tiles, Stone accent wall finishes, Green Walls..
  13. Large Accessories;  Ceramic Vases, Books, Bowls, Table Art
  14. Flower Arrangement;  Wood branches, dry flowers, fresh bouquet of flowers
  15. Crystals or Vintage touches to create an eclectic look and bring everything together.
home decorating with natural elements

Natural Room Decor Ideas and Finishes for Decorating with Natural Elements.

At the end of the day, it is all about creating an outdoor feel because nature is the space in which we identify a peaceful feel, the cozy feel.  

The Finish Vision Boards that I have put together include the following elements:

  • Wall covering
  • Fabrics
  • Stone
  • Accent Stone
  • Wood finish
  • Plants or Flowers
  • Vintage or Decor Items
decorating your home with natural elements

Colors used on a Natural Home Decor Style.

Introduce some accent colors, even bright color ones when decorating with natural elements.

On these options I have chosen to keep all the boards more neutral to show how you can vary small items to make a big difference in your house decor.

The finish vision boards are to show options for finishes that have both vintage and modern in them. Some have a more monochromatic look and others will introduce a small accent color.


decorating for fall with natural elements

Do you have to use Botanical Elements to Achieve a Natural Home Decor Style?

It is important to remember that modern natural home decor does not mean to only use botanicals, you can use antiques or modern sculptures.  It is more about how the space connects to nature and the way that the space feels.

Plants are a great accessory, but It is more impactful to select real plants in the space instead of just prints on the wall.

natural elements interior design

How to Introduce a Vintage items to the Raw Decor.

Here are some ideas for decorating with natural elements:

  • Use a rustic accessory like a wood branch with plants on an antique side table.
  • Select a simple modern glass vase to place on antique console
  • Introduce a modern glass coffee table and add vintage books and accessories.
  • Add a handmade candle stick to a modern candle holder.
  • Introduce a soft look by only using shears on your windows.

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diy home decor

Natural Room Decor Ideas for Finishes.

Let these vision finish boards inspire you to look at your house decor and create your own. You can find so many creative ways and simple ideas to create vision boards. You can do it with the actual materials or use the computer to put it together.

For options look at some of the following for your vision board; beautiful natural elements wood furniture, fresh flowers in unique ways, and fresh greenery. Make some abstract interpretations when looking at the natural elements. You can use them as art pieces or for the wood furniture color or texture.

A decorative element that brings the beauty of nature will bring new life into your interior spaces in a very easy way.

It is all about creating your own calm oasis and natural home decor style!

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nature inspired house design
decorating with natural elements
natural room decor
decorating your home with natural elements

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natural colors home decor

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How to harvest calendula seeds

Time to Decorating with Natural Elements.

Play with your finishes and don’t be afraid to experiment.  This is what is the most fun, changing the decor to fit what you are feeling at the moment.

I will tell you a secret, I have a whole staging table in the garage.

Yes, I also asked Frank for a spot in the garage for the staging table and he, being the sweetheart he is, I got my area.

It works so well, I keep all of my extra accessories ready to use. For someone like me who likes to change the look often, this is the best way to get organized.

Remember that sometimes small changes can make a big impact in a room.

It is not about perfection, it is about creating the calm feel.

Stay Creative!

Your Cocoon Awaits you!


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