9 Outdoor Decorating Ideas | DECODING A TIMELESS GARDEN

The best outdoor decorating ideas is about decoding a timeless garden by understanding my style/ Infusing home decor details that provide personality to the garden space, elevate the look and create a backyard oasis.

Outdoor decorating ideas that are timeless, generally feel soothing, and comfortable, as such, the design needs to feel connected. Generally, revitalizing an outdoor space is achieved by defining the living area, adding personal details, and understanding your decorating style.

outdoor decorating ideas

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I am excited to present to you a new series ‘Coast to Coast’.

Cocoon Raw is joining Kimberly from From Farmhouse to Florida until the end of December to bring you tips and ideas for the Garden from Coast to Coast. No matter how you arrived here today, whether you are joining me from Kimberly’s blog or you are one of my regular readers, welcome!

I am a Designer that cannot live without the warm and cozy vibes in my home and garden. I can’t wait to provide you with ideas for creating your COZY Cocoon. You will find Kimberly’s post at the end of this blog post.


Adding a rug is the touch that makes the outdoor space feel more intimate because it defines the living area. Rugs play such an important role when decorating and setting the stage for the rest of the decoration by creating focus in the area.

A rug is the foundation of the garden design, creating an inviting and warm space. The rug you select immediately invites you to step into the space.

Consider adding a rug to create a cozy space just as you do in your own living room. A spacious space or a small space can totally change the way it feels.

I love adding a round rug in a linear space to soften the area and make it so much more cozy in feel.

This rug we have had for years and it is the anchor from which everything stems. It is the first thing your eye catches when you step outside and it immediately makes you feel comfortable and invites you into the living space.

And if you are a gardener, you must know this, I wrote an article on gardening for beginners and what you need to know before getting started that I recommend you take a look.

How do you Make a Small Outdoor Area Look Nice?

  • MATERIALS: The design secret is to treat your outdoor space look as you would the interior of your home, with materials that are suited for outdoor living.
  • ZONES: Arrange the rug to be the center of the area you want to highlight. It does not have to be in the center of the space, the outdoor furniture arrangement just needs to enhance the area around the rug.
  • COLOR AND TEXTURES: Find rugs that bring either color to highlight the area or some texture to make it feel cozy. Bright colors will make the space feel more active and softer or warmer colors will get a relaxed feeling.
  • SIZE AND PLACING: Make sure you are selecting a rug that appropriately fits the space. A smaller rug can highlight an area of your living outdoor space and a larger rug should have all the furniture fit within.
  • MAINTENANCE: Find outdoor rugs so that they are functional as well as decorative. They make incredible-looking ones today that you can’t tell are not natural fiber and enhance the space to create a great ambiance.

Anchoring the space with a rug will bring the whole look together to set your style.

outdoor decorating ideas diy


Outdoor pots elevate the look of a backyard garden living area by sprinkling pots in the space. The textures and shapes of the pots add that layer that recalls nature and makes it feel cozy and lived in.

I bought inexpensive small pots and painted them to add a vintage feel to the more modern lines of the furniture. Find simple techniques to highlight clay pots.

How Do I Decorate My Outdoor Space By Using Pots?

Elevate the pot you get by adding a larger tree and create a timeless design. The best tree is a dwarf Japanese maple tree.

Miniature maple trees add so much color and interest. They have a soft look to the leaves and a bonsai look that immediately brings that focal point and appeal.

But the best way to give it a finish look is to add greenery and flowers on the base.

Process to add Flowers to the Base of a Large Planter

  • SELECTING: Select one or two planters that look vintage, even if you have a modern space. It makes the space feel lived in like it has stories to tell. Have you ever traveled and brought back that special piece you found and think of often? That is the exact feeling!
  • PLANTS: Find plants that will do well in the area you plant them and fill the space with color but not take over the pot. Daisies are excellent, as well as creeping Jenny, and petunias. Daisies add a little height to the plants and the creeping jenny spills on the sides to soften and hide the edges of the pot. If you are someone that loves color, hold on a bit, I wrote an article about how to add color to your garden that I encourage you to read.
  • DRAINAGE: no matter how beautiful the pot is, make sure the drainage is good or the plants will not do well. When the hole is too small it will become waterlogged and rot the roots.
  • LIGHTING: Add a solar light to highlight the pot in the evening.

You can create the most stunning display with this outdoor decorating idea. They will draw the eye and add to the oasis feel.

rustic outdoor decor ideas


Repurpose a credenza or sideboard to turn it into a beautiful focal point that provides a staging opportunity for your accessories.

I had this credenza for years! simply removing the barn doors opened up opportunities to display my ferns. Ferns are excellent on heavier pieces of furniture. They are light in look, as well as lacey, and add the knockout beautiful residential feel.

I also sanded the paint of the counter top to unveil solid wood planks. The natural against the painted surface made the setup look more custom and upscale.

Have you ever seen Architectural Digest and how they add ferns to modern or even antique designs? Furniture is not only to store things, a credenza enhances the garden aesthetic.

Tips to Transform Your Garden with a Credenza:

  • DURABILITY: You don’t have to use just a credenza made for outdoor. Mine is made for interiors, but the wood is solid and I applied an outdoor paint finish to help. It has lasted for years under the overhang of the home. Choose the right piece, but get creative in your approach.
  • PLANTS: Choose soft-looking plants and different types of pots with different textures.
  • ARRANGING: Position the credenza in a place that serves as decoration, but also allows for you to use it for staging when you have a gathering. I use mine to place drinks when I entertain.

A credenza makes the outdoor space feel connected to your home. It can add the same feeling you have inside our home with the home decorating.

A tall credenza can become a display for your pot collection. Continue the serenity you began indoors and treat the credenza or sideboard as part of your interior design goals.

outdoor decor diy


A well placed mirror to reflect light and the lush greenery of your outdoor area makes the space feel much larger. The reflection multiplies the amount of plants you have in the space.

You like lush space, this is a great trick to make it seem like you have more plants than you do.

How To Enhance the Space with Mirrors:

  • SELECTING: Select a metal mirror so it lasts, but you can also find an old mirror with vintage wood. Choose a mirror that matches your garden style or that it enhances the look. An example is a very modern credenza with a modern mirror, but a texture metal to make it feel lived in and approachable.
  • SHAPE: Adding a curve softens the look and reflects the organic nature of the plants around. If you are going more modern, consider cleaner lines.
  • POSITION: Place the mirror so that it reflects a beautiful area in an active space. I like to place the mirror on the credenza adjacent to the dining table. The mirror makes it so that both people have a great view and none are staring at a wall. The reflection of the plants provides a great feeling to the experience.

Outdoor decor items, like mirrors are the best way to add depth and create a bigger space without adding more space. A garden within a garden that keeps your imagination going. One funny thing that you have to watch for is the birds think they are looking at other birds in the reflection. Sometimes I do have to cover the mirror to prevent it and get them to stop. Nature is never boring!

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Create the most interesting display on a bare-looking wall that will make a feature element. Baskets and hats provide a lot of beautiful textures, colors, and dimensions with different shapes.

Mounting hats or baskets on hooks can create the best artistic display. The wall feels alive and lived in. Plants are not the only way to add this feeling. The reason is that hats and baskets give a feeling that someone enjoys gardening in the space. It gets your imagination going.

Steps to Create a Art Wall:

  • PLACEMENT: Place the basket or hats under a partial cover area. I like to place them under the overhang of the house on the sofa under the umbrella.
  • COLLECT: Baskets are available everywhere and you can find different sizes, shapes, and styles. Woven styles provide a garden feel.
  • STORAGE: Use the basket also to store seeds when you harvest until you are ready to sort them.
  • ARRANGING: Position the baskets and hats by placing the two large pieces on either end and small pieces such as a hand garden tool in between. This will help visually frame the look in a creative way. All the pieces together make one large composition that dresses up the space so nicely.

Outdoor decor ideas for walls are about adding the practical which you can use to make it more interactive and interesting. It can help organize your space and serve a purpose.

outdoor decorating ideas on a budget


I love the baskets I found on Amazon. Take a look for some inspiration.

How to harvest calendula seeds


Repurpose an old wooden stool as outdoor decoration that you are able to use as a moveable side table. Repurposing an old stool or use a new one to bring so much charm to the outdoor garden. You can place a book, your coffee or drink.

How to Use an old Stool in the Garden?

  • FIND THE RIGHT Stool: Select a sturdy ceramic or wooden stool that can withstand being exposed and will last.
  • KEEP IT SIMPLE: An old stool adds so much to a space and keeping it true to what it is adds so much character to a modern, eclectic, or traditional space.
  • TYPE OF STOOL: You can consider both a wood finish or a ceramic. Make sure that whatever type you choose is easy to move around for the added flexibility. The look of the stool creates a great vignette.

Stools are a great way to introduce a rustic charm to the garden aesthetic.

You want to know how to add natural elements to your backyard. I wrote a post that tell you exactly how to add natural home decor. It will make it so much easier to understand the process of selecting those special deor accessories and finishes.

hanging outdoor decorating ideas


An outdoor decorating idea on a budget that changes the whole look of a space is to paint your furniture. Selecting the right colors can enhance your garden theme.

The most simple patio decorating idea that will refresh your outdoor furniture with a new coat of paint can transform the outdoor garden.

How to Revitalize an Outdoor Furniture with Paint:

  • WHAT TO PAINT? In a small space, select one piece to become the focal point and highlight the area with a fresh look. Small dining sets are a great little feature piece to add a bright color to the space.
  • PAINT TYPE: Make sure you are using a high-quality, weather-resistant paint specifically designed to be applied to the material you are placing it on; metal, plastic, or wood. This will ensure it lasts and is protected from the weather.
  • PREPARATION: Clean the furniture piece really well. Sand if needed until you have a smooth surface. You can use a paint that already has a primer, if not, you need to apply a primer prior to painting.
  • PAINT AND CARE: Apply more than one coat of outdoor paint. Make sure to allow the paint to dry really well between coats. Don’t over-spray and the paint should be applied evenly. If you are using a spray paint, protect the furniture and surfaces. Don’t apply the paint when it is windy outside to prevent the paint from getting on other surfaces.
  • ACCESSORIZING: The right paint color will be the starting point for the decorative elements you add. With the bright green I selected below, I added more natural accessories, black and white, to balance the look.
cheap outdoor decorating ideas


Sculptures add so much to a large planter or a table. It adds focus to the outdoor space and brings a feeling of a garden sanctuary.

Sculptures elevate the garden aesthetic; outdoor sculptures, statues, or even artistic garden ornaments will complement your oasis.

How to Elevate the Look with Sculpture Elements?

  • SELECTING: Choose the sculpture that brings your garden’s theme to life. Keep the style in keeping with the mood you want to create.
  • POSITION: Art always has an intention to it, a way that it makes you feel. Be intentional when selecting the spot where you will place it. Create a focal point that does not overtake the full composition of the area. Allow it to complement the space, not be the only thing you see in the space.
  • TYPES: Sculptures can be art pieces; water features and even garden lights. You can add so much to a space with lights that become an artistic touch.

The goal is to create a sense of wonder and enhance your senses with the beauty of telling a story. It is the perfect combination, of art and nature, after all, art in most cases is inspired by nature.

outdoor lighting ideas

This is one of my favorite lights in the garden that add a touch of whimsy.


Designing your outdoor space, from the selections of furniture pieces, and decorating accessories plays an important part in creating an inviting space. Understand your decorating style to make the right selections that will be timeless.

It does not matter if you are working with a balcony space or a small space, even a spacious patio, choosing the correct furniture to match the style you enjoy is the way to create a cozy garden oasis.


  • Consider round rugs that make the space feel larger.
  • Bistro Sets, a nice sofa or chairs that are multi-functional or a two seater lounge area.
  • Add the extra layer of details in outdoor decor items such as accessories to create interest; throws, pillows, lanterns, hats, baskets, and vases.
  • Play with adding height to elements, like a potted tree. This will make the space feel larger.
Decorative Porch Ideas


  • Invest on a couple of gorgeous large pots to highlight in the space.
  • Add some simple inexpensive pots to create interesting clusters in the space, and add more interesting plants to add that lush green space feel.
  • Select pots that you can move around to create different looks for the seasons.
  • Add a potting table to work on and add small pots.


  • Select furniture that is weather-resistant to prevent any hassle and added stress or place it on a covered area. Use powder-coated or metal furniture, resin wicker, teak, concrete, or ceramic.
  • Keep your furniture straight forward; sofa, chairs, side tables, console or a small cozy seating area.
  • Use weather-resistant outdoor cushions, lighting, and fun sculptures that inspire you.
  • Embrace a minimalistic approach, for a relaxing feeling. As time passes and you experience the outdoor space and live with it, you will become inspired with new ideas.

Outdoor decorating ideas come from many sources around you; nature, your life experiences, color you love, memories and wildlife.

Each person has their own unique style and I hope that you have enjoyed exploring the different ways that your can elevate the look of your garden.

Your Cocoon Awaits You,

Stay Creative!


Fall is the perfect time to plan next year’s garden projects. Whether your area is small or large, why not jumpstart the planning process with these garden design ideas? To See Kimberly’s ideas, please click on the link below the photo!

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outdoor decorating ideas


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