Xmas MOOD / COZY up with Tea and a Flower!

Who else is on a Xmas Mood?! I am definitely in the mood now.

Did you finish your Xmas decor? It took me a little bit, but I have deck the halls and it has gotten me inspired. This is a holiday mood that is so different from last year. Last year I decorated the whole house, inside and out. But this year, I have decorated simpler and much cozier.

The Xmas Mood has arrived full force. I have to tell you about the Puerto Rican Christmas traditions! What to do throughout Xmas, in case you want to incorporate a delicious coquito, songs and more! Let’s get in the Christmas Spirit! Feliz Navidad my Cocoon Friends!


Christmas Vibes to Remember

I remember our Christmas in Puerto Rico in 2019. We celebrated our engagement and had an amazing get together with family and friends at a hotel rooftop. Nothing get’s me on the Xmas mood more than good music, great dancing, happy people, more dancing and such amazing food. Our hope was to get married, but decided to wait since Frank’s family could not make it.

We got the flowers ordered just a few days before the event. We were so happy with how they turned out!
Engagement Party at the Rooftop

Celebrate when you are able to, that is my big lesson. Thankfully, We are so happy we went all out and spent a month in the island on a pre honeymoon. It was beyond incredible! Because, I rarely would take vacations and I had so many days saved that I went all out. Again, I am so happy that we did this, because as soon as we landed, COVID greeted us. Life has not been the same since and have not seen my family since.


The Final Wedding!

After waiting all year to see if we could get married, we got tired of waiting. Finally, we decide to do a last minute wedding. 3 days of planning and we got married at a park with my Mom, Brother and a dear couple that are amazing friends. December 31st, we went for it!

The best part is that my brother and Mother wanted to surprise us with a cake and got one at the supermarket and I had to decorate it. To sum it up, they got a cake and decorations that I had to take care of the night before. LOL! I spend the night decorating the cake and the table. I had to incorporate my favorite, air plants!

Check out my air plant table display on this post ‘CREATIVE AIR PLANT DISPLAY IDEA DIY. READ HERE!

For our dinner celebration we sat around the kitchen island and ate crab legs and corn on the cob. The best?

Taking my Amazon wedding outfit off and put on my sweat pants to enjoy our wedding dinner. Perfection!

I had to include my air plants!


Tradition Brings Great Memories through Songs

If I had a choice for a holiday that took place year round, the Puerto Rican Xmas would be it. What are the main reasons you ask? We celebrate non stop for 2 months, get gifts twice, food is delicious, music/singing and one get together after another, without too much planning. You just show up!

A few of the Puerto Rican Xmas Song Facts:

  • NEW YEARLY SONG: Every year a new Xmas song makes a debut, thought old ones are still a hot ticket.
  • SPECIAL SONG: We have a special song call ‘bomba’. One person starts the singing making up the words as the go, then stop with a particular word and the next person takes it up by improvising a song lyric with the same word. Whoever can’t improvise, the crowd will start singing and dancing ‘no sabe na’, which means ‘ doesn’t know anything. The rhythm is contagious.
  • SPANGLISH SONG: We have a spanglish song that is about The Night Before Xmas. It goes like this:

‘Tis the nite before Xmas, when all thru the casa (house), not a creature was stirring. Caramba que pasa? (what is happening?). The stockings were hung con mucho cuidado (very carefully). In hope that San Nicolas no se haya olvidado (has not forgotten).

A Xmas Tradition that made me so Happy each Year and I Miss Today

Getting on the Xmas Mood in Puerto Rico is full of traditions. These are some fun ones:

  • ‘Asaltos’! The day after Thanksgiving, everyone prepares their fridge through Christmas with food and drinks. We are all well aware that your home, on an unknown day, may be visited by the Xmas spirit in the middle of the night. This tradition starts with a couple of people, a guitar and singing. The group moves to the next house and wake them up singing and the ones in that new house join them. At the end of doing this on 20 homes, if you are last, get ready for a very large crowd in the morning waking you up by singing. You may find 50 people that are hungry for breakfast, but happy celebrating! And don’t try to hide, they won’t go away. Food is the best part!
  • On January 5th, the children go out and collect some grass and water for the camels. Items are placed under the bed along with a cookie for Santa. A gift is left as a thank you from the 3 Kings! Comes the morning and the grass and water are gone and the kids enjoy the day celebrating.
xmas vibes
El Morro. The colors and Textures were so Incredible!

Enjoy more Tradition! A Christmas Gift for You.

I have to share with you what we call our Puerto Rican nutmeg! You can create your own tradition.

However, they can be strong, so sip from a small glass slowly while listening to good Xmas music and enjoy it. The day after Thanksgiving the bottles come out and they are given to everyone in the family. No Puerto Rican refrigerator does without. You are welcome! SALUD and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


A delicious sweet drink that is the Puerto Rican nutmeg.
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Servings 20


  • blender
  • measuring cups


  • 1 Bottle with lid
  • 1 1/2 cup Dark Puerto Rican Rum To flavor rum
  • 1 Cinnamon Stick
  • 1 can Coco lopez
  • 1 can Evaporated milk
  • 1 TBS Cinnamon
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • Fresh nutmeg


  • Add Rum and cinammon stick – let it sit overnight.
  • Remove the cinammon stick after a day from the rum
  • Add in a blender; coco lopez, evaporated milk, egg yolk, cinammon powder
  • Blend together all together
  • Place bottle in the refrigerator
  • Mixture must be kept refrigerated since it has eggs.
  • Serve in a shot glass and ENJOY!


  • Do not replace Coco Lopez!  No other will provide the right coconut flavor.
  • Shake really well prior to using
  • Keep the mixture refrigerated for no more than a month.  
  • We serve it in a shot glass, but if it not very strong, then, you can serve a nice glass
  • Add a little nutmeg to garnish.  Very little, it is a very strong flavor.
  • ENJOY!
Xmas decoration ideas

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For a Cozy Quiet Day at Home for Christmas Vlog on You Tube below.


We got started a little late with decorating. Frank got sick and the holiday mood got lost for a little bit. For this reason, I got delayed, but finally got going and then I could not stop.

xmas home decorations
xmas home decor ideas

To this date, I have not done the tree yet, because we would like to go to a farm to get one. We are waiting for Frank to feel better. This year the tree will be only lights. Oh yes, I didn’t mention, the box with the Christmas ornaments has disappeared. It is somewhere probably laughing at us. But I think a tree with lights only will be beautiful anyway and I am happy about it.

Check out my previous post? It has some Xmas moodboard for inspiration. READY HERE!


Do you have a Christmas theme yet? A friend on mine was looking for those little mushroom decor pieces made out of wood to decorate her home. It made me remember last year when I use mushrooms for my Xmas mood to recall my love of nature.

I could not help myself and started searching for mushroom decor for her and here it is! So many beautiful ones!



Most importantly, I am so grateful for so many things starting with my family and good health. Yes, Christmas Aesthetic Photos make me happy, but the memories of the year make me even happier.

This year I began on the journey of blogging and You tube. Social media is a new world that was scary for me, but in the middle of it all, met the most amazing people through the Instagram community and inspiring individuals at Thistlewood , that has kept learning each day something new.

winter time aesthetic photography

So many thing that I could have been scared about this year, but I chose to go for it and have no regrets. The creativity continues to flood from my heart. Each day I can’t wait to jump from my bed to pour my heart out and share it.

What are some of your traditions? Do you have big plans for Christmas?

December 31st, we will Celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary. Now that is the biggest blessing!


Stay Creative!

Your Cocoon Awaits you!


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  1. 5 stars
    Your engagement sounds amazing! How wonderful to have such beautiful memories with family and friends. As for your special cocktail, I am definitely trying this, it sounds fabulous. I hope that you enjoy this beautiful Christmas season.

    1. Elizabeth, I am so happy you are going to try the cocktail! I hope you enjoy it! You and your family have a Merry Christmas my sweet friend!

  2. Loved this blog. So interesting to learn the different traditions. Will sure try to make the coquito, but will try the coquito with rum.
    Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

    1. Thank you Kim! You will need to let me know how you liked the Coquito! I can’t wait for you to try it! That day was one I will never forget, so very special.

    1. Thank you Danielle! It was so fun to get all the flower ideas together, the place made it so easy, it was breathtaking. Merry Christmas! Try the coquito, it is so delicious!

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