10+ FAVORITE Gardening Tools for a better Experience.

10 Favorite Gardening Tools for a better experience will feature some tools and decor accessories that are easy to order online. The accessories will transform not only how you garden, but also how you will enjoy it!

I have explored gardening to a deeper level, creating a great space to enjoy as well as to grow and harvest food and flowers. I could not be happier that today, it is so easy to get what you need online. Let’s look at what garden tools to get for a successful garden experience and how to maximize the garden space!

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Favorite Gardening Tools 1. Unique garden Built in gray planter with plants growing and white roses in the background
My Garden in 2020′

The garden is where you do you, what you love, for you and only you!

YES! I said it, all about you!

Maximizing your Garden Space while using my favorite gardening tools.

Before I outline my favorite gardening tools and accessories, let’s talk about maximizing your garden space. The garden is one of those spaces that provides so much, not only you can grow, but you can relax, meditate, share time with your loved ones, read, the list keeps going! I have a small urban garden in which the goal has been to maximize the food production, but at the same time create different zones to enjoy growing flowers. In a small garden space I have been able to even add a pond to bring the pollinators so they do their part of the work in the garden. Even the bees need water!

On DIY Garden Ideas For Small Spaces | 5 GARDENING LESSONS!, I detail my top 5 DIY’s that will help you along as the garden takes shape.

Favorite Gardening Tools 2. Beautiful Garden View showing Roses and Dahlias with Pond Feature on the background.
Dahlia Garden Looking towards the Pond.

The Garden is for yourself, but remember the pollinators!

Can you Transform your Garden while Enjoying it?

Don’t be in a rush! Enjoy the Journey!

Change is good. I mean that! It really is the best thing.

Don’t be in a hurry to change everything in a season, the greatest of things take time. The one thing you want to accomplish is to create a sketch that determines a direction. Just be aware and understand that this will change over time, as you experience the space and discover what every corner is best used for.

Favorite Gardening Tools 3.  Photo of plain yard with lots of grass.
BEFORE – Garden view Prior to starting the Garden where the pond would be located.
Original Sketch before we began the garden and pond at the fence line. Always a work in progress!

I began with a floor plan that outlines the essential areas and some of my goals.

As I have developed my garden through the years, it has become very clear what 10 favorite gardening tools and accessories have change my gardening experience and continue to do so today.

Take a look at how much it evolved every year!

Garden Essentials Pond
Looking toward the same view as the ‘before’ image.
Favorite Garden Essentials Garden Waterfall
Layering plant textures is the one thing I enjoy working on.

The details are so important, but those come with time as things settle. It is the most exciting part of developing a garden, when you get to play with detailed interests.

Did you see my post on ‘Creating a Succulent Garden? READ HERE!

Favorite Gardening Tool Plants.
The color and texture in a garden is breathtaking!
Favorite Gardening Tool Fish.
Visiting my fish daily has become an important ritual in my daily.

What are some must have Gardening Tools?

First of all, can you believe the amount of stuff in the market now?

My head spins thinking about it! So let me help you identify some items that I can’t do without.

The following are my favorite gardening tools and accessories for a beginners experience in growing seeds, planting seedlings or caring for plants.

Seeds to Grow when starting up with Gardening

If you are new to gardening purchase a package that has an assortment of seeds to learn what you love to grow. My first year I grew, tomato, cucumber and sweet pepper on my window sill. And I mean, I grew one of each, I was too scared.

Take the plunge and try different seeds! It’s fun!

Here is a great way for you to start!

The most critical thing is to remember, the seeds that grow on a cell will need to be moved to larger pots as the grow, space is critical. The biggest mistake is to get so excited that you end up with seedlings with no where to place while they grow. Once they grow they can be shared, I do and it is great fun to see my friend’s face light up!

I have divided the items into two categories; Things to help with gardening and planting and I could not leave out a few of my favorite ‘Cozy’ decor pieces.

Let the fun begin!

What are the favorite seed types to get as a beginner in gardening?

1. Herb Seeds

One of my favorite plants to grow, they are easy to grow and get so much use.

Another amazing thing about this favorite gardening tool is how much you can do with herbs!

  • Dry them to make teas
  • Use them fresh or dry for seasoning or on salads.
  • Make Flavored Vinegars.
  • Use them in Flavored oils.

Have you read, For a Delicious and Easy Pickle Onion Recipe with Herbs?, READ HERE!

How good is that??!!!

Check out my instagram @cocoonraw to learn about details in growing food and plants.

Don’t worry about seeds being non GMO, since all seeds in the USA have to be non GMO. Also don’t worry all the time about Organic seeds, unless you need your harvest to be certified organic. I grow the seeds as much organically after I plant them by using organic soil and no chemicals. For this reason the main spray I use for pest is Neem oil.

Favorite Essential Gardening Tool Tiered Garden
Herbs and strawberries make for a great combination!

For diy project, take a look at ‘Top Five Diy Projects from 2021’! READ HERE!

So Much You Can Grow on a Tiered Planter!

For more on organizing and getting the most information about your plants check out ‘Organizing ideas diy | Plant Tag Hacks’. READ HERE

Salad Greens

One other great thing to do when you start growing is to get a blend of lettuces, they are versatile. For example, you can grow the seeds with more space in between to get a head of lettuce or close together to get micro greens. Look for a package that brings your favorites and start experimenting!

Favorite gardening Tools 6. Harvest of lettuce on a wicker basket with a handle.  Essential garden tool.
The Best Moment is when you Harvest your Greens!

2. A Favorite Garden Tool are Plant Seed Trays

There are many plant seed trays out in the market, but this is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GARDENING TOOLS!

I germinated all of my seeds on these trays and love them because they are clear, which allows you to check on the root and see that it is healthy and not overgrown, each step of the growth can be seen.

Favorite gardening Tools 7.   Clear planting tray showing soil.
The Clear Bottom allows you to monitor the root growth.

How cool is that!?

Such an amazing kit; a 12 cell per tray with a total of 10-pack Seed Trays Seedling Starter, Dome with vent.

Favorite gardening Tools 8.   Planting Tray Kit laid out.
The Dome is so Critical when growing Seeds.

Grow with your Plant Trays and soon you will be harvesting!

Another great advantage is that if you want to try to grow on peat pellets, the bottom tray is design for this. Just make sue you label your seeds! Worst thing is when you have no idea what the seedlings are, they all look the same at the beginning.

This plant seed trays are GENIUS!!! I am a fan!

Favorite gardening Tools 9. Gardening Tool tray. Plant trays full of soil and seedlings with plant labels.
Great Plant Trays!
Favorite gardening Tools 10. Seed planting tools on wood table.
Favorite Gardening Tools are included with the Seed Trays.

3. Favorite Hydroponic Grow System

Another favorite gardening tool that is a way you can experiment is the hydroponic grow system.

This system is beyond fun and super useful!

Yes, you can grow plants in water.

Is that cool?

I love this Herb Indoor Garden Kit, the LED light is really good and allows the plants to grow. It can also be used to place other plants as they grow and the light is adjustable to angle as needed. This is really good if a plant gets sick and you need to isolate it but still need the grow light. I placed my sweet peppers when they got aphids under this system until it was completely cleared. The systems brings so many essential things that are included; tweezers, sponge cubes, rubber caps (hats) and nutrients for growing.

This hydroponic system is BEYOND AMAZING!

The best thing on this system is that the LED lighting has an automatic timer.

Favorite gardening Tools 11. Close up of plants on my favorite hydroponic system.
Hydroponics is a really fun way to grow herbs!
Favorite gardening Tools 12.   Hydroponic kit laid out.
A lot is included with this system! (decorative towel not included)

You have your seedlings and they are ready to be up potted or planted in the garden after acclimating them? The following items are the essential items to help with this process.

4. Favorite Soil Nutrient; Earthworm Castings

You may not consider worms a favorite gardening tool, but worm castings are the gold of the gardening world, the best gardening tool, making a huge difference on the growth and health of you plants.

Don’t run or pass this over. Hear me out!

Amazing Benefits of Worm Castings

Your mind will be blown!

Worm Castings are an essential gardening soil that helps with shock when transplanting, health of the plants and water retention. You don’t need a lot, just a little goes a long way. Refer to packaging for detail instruction.

Another great use for the earthworm casting and why it is an essential gardening tool is that it is also versatile. Wormcasting tea is a fantastic way to provide your plants with beneficial microorganisms and fertilizer. There are many ways to make the wormcasting tea, but a simple way to make the tea is:

Favorite gardening Tools 13.  Cup with soil and flowers on the side.
Another Favorite Gardening Tool is a Dark Rich Worm Castings

Essential Worm Casting Tea

I Know, it sounds crazy, but it really makes a big difference!

It is super simple to make!

Here are the steps:

  1. Find something to hold the worm casting; a hose, shirt and rag.
  2. Fill the bag with the worm casting and tie it at the end.
  3. Place the bag in a bucket of water for 24 to 48 hours.
  4. Pour your tea in the garden in the morning, this will allow the microbes to die off.
  5. Don’t waste the left over castings left in the bag after removing the liquid. Place it in your garden. Double duty!

The best type of Worms to Consider when selecting

WORMS! This is an important one!

You don’t have to pet them! Unless you want to.

This is an absolute essential in your garden, your garden will thrive!

The Main Two Things to be Aware of when Purchasing Worms:

  • Make sure the company will deliver live worms and they are really healthy.
  • The other important thing is to understand what you are using the worms for, not all worms are created equal:

Red Wiggler is for composting, If you are composting, CONGRATULATIONS! Nature loves you!

This essential worm is just excellent in your compost and producing a great compost for your garden. Refer to the link below for the Tumbler I use in my garden. If you have a small garden, you can still have a composting tumbler. This is a great way to put your discarded food to work, Feed The Worms!

Favorite gardening Tools 14. Hand holding my favorite worms with pebbles in the background.
The Nightcrawlers have been Great for my Compost Tumbler!

European Night Crawler are better for your raised beds or in the ground. They are hardy and burrow deep to protect them from the elements and animals.

Can you believe these worms can grow to 4″-5″?

Favorite gardening Tools 15. Hands holding the best worms for raised beds with plants on the background.
These European Nightcrawler went to all of my Raised Garden Beds.

Hard working worms!

Keep inn mind that when you place your worms in the beds, help them by moving the soil to a cooler area so they can crawl in, otherwise they can die by laying on top if it is dry and the hot sun is shining.

Favorite Planter Ideas

5. Grow Bags

This essential tool is definitely another of my favorite gardening tools!

The main reasons are that they allow me to experiments with different plants and grow food I have not tried yet, they are easy to move around if you discover you have too much or too little sun and the price is great compared to a traditional pot.

An Easy Way to Select Your Best Grow Bag

So many grow bags available!

They come in many different sizes, depending what you are growing.

You can grow small potatoes, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, snap peas, sweet peas, the list can go on! Make sure the fabric you are using breaths so it will allow good draining. Love that this gardening tool does not only come in one material or color. But the best thing is that if you have hard clay or not very good soil, you can prepare great soil in your grow bag.

Favorite gardening Tools 16. Three of the best grow bags sitting on a pebble surface.
This Favorite Gardening tool is one I Love. Grow bags!

Good soil develops great roots, which will equal an amazing harvest!

So do not skip preparing your good soil.

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6. Favorite Garden Space Saver; Grow Vertically!

Growing vertically is one of the most essential and favorite garden tools.

The sky is the limit!!!

Did I tell you that you can grow so many plants in this one container?

The tiered planter is one of the best and favorite gardening tools when you lack space, but it can also be a great focal piece in your patio or garden. I want to get a whole garden made of these when we find our micro farm.

They are such fun. Just so much you can grow!

From herbs, to lettuces, kale, spinach and strawberries! Herbs get so much use in my home.

Check out my Easy – Delicious Red Onion Pickled with Lemon and Dill Recipe’. READ HERE

Favorite gardening Tools 17.   Detail image of herbs on vertical garden.
This year I am planting my herbs and strawberries on my vertical garden.

My Favorite Plant to use on a Vertical Garden

Favorite gardening Tools 18. Favorite Tiered planter with plants spilling around it to the floor.
Dramatic waterfall of Beautiful Nasturtiums spilling down the Vertical Garden.

One of my favorites plant to grow on a vertical garden are nasturtiums. So many colors to fill your pots, even variegated leaves available. Last year I grew a lot on this vertical pot, just placed a seed per cell and I had a beautiful cascade of flowers. I used the flowers in salads, the leaves for pesto, it was a really fun way to use it.

Favorite gardening Tools 19. Favorite Plant showing Large leaves and orange flowers close up on the tiered planter.
Favorite gardening Tools 20. Favorite plant with Yellow flower close up.
Nasturtiums come in so many colors! Explore growing them, such an easy plant to grow.

7. Favorite Hand Tool!

You ever battle removing grass that grows into your beds?

Or maybe those weeds that seem to take over so quickly!

This gardening tool, the garden hand hoe/plow is one of the best discoveries that keeps getting used constantly in my garden. It is light and comfortable to hold. The tool is sharp enough to go through almost any type soil. And even use it to make my holes to plant.

Yes, this tool goes everywhere with me.

I also like that is a bit larger, because I constantly leave it around the garden along with my coffee cup. Easy to spot!

Favorite gardening Tools 21. Favorite Gardening Tool resting on a stone slab.
Favorite gardening Tools 23. Top Gardening Hand Tool ripping the plant from the soil.
Favorite gardening Tools 22. Top Gardening Hand tool being use starting to rip plant from the soil.

Favorite Garden Decor

8. Potting Bench

I could not transition from planting and gardening without mentioning my potting bench!

Favorite gardening Tools 24. Favorite potting bench showing the entire piece
My Favorite Gardening Tool, the Potting Bench (Only Gray Wood Piece with side metal hanging bracket is included on Link Below)

The potting bench is one of the best gardening decor items that was a gift from my husband and I absolutely love it. If you have a small garden and need something that is compact but has space like shelving, a ledge for your pots above and a bin for soil. This is it!

Favorite gardening Tools 25. Favorite garden bench close up view
Everyone needs a Potting Bench! It is my Favorite Corner in the Garden.

One thing I did to my bench is to add a marble cutting board so that I could abuse even more the top and work with damp soil or my favorite gardening tools. The top on this item is made of the same wood.

9. Fire Pit

It can’t get any better than this!

This is my favorite way to end the day, a glass of wine, or two, and perfection!

Can you picture yourself enjoying seating around a fire, after working so hard in the garden all day?

Who can create a Cozy Garden without some type of Fire pit? This has my absolute favorite gardening tool because it creates such a great atmosphere and can really make the space so soothing.

Favorite gardening Tools 26. Firepit on as a favorite garden tool
Set up a Great Atmosphere with a Fire Pit! (fire glass is not included on Link Below, comes separate)

10. The Greenhouse Cabinet

I can’t begin to tell you how much I searched for “The” Perfect Gardening Tool! My Green Cabinet!

Not all of us have the space for a Greenhouse. I would love that so much!

So the best next thing has been this amazing Green house Cabinet.

Favorite gardening Tools 27. Favorite greenhouse cabinet gardening tool

Acclimating my seedlings was so much easier, the process was seamless thanks to this favorite gardening tool. When you start getting into growing with seeds and realize how much cheaper and fun it is, you will understand how critical it is to have the right greenhouse to help with the process.

I am so grateful for whoever invented this cabinet. I ended up ordering two of them!

Not only does the front doors open but the top also opens to allow for air to ventilate when it is too hot outside. the top also is great for the taller seedlings like snap peas or sweet peas, even tomatoes if they get larger like mine. I planted to early, I could not help myself!

Favorite gardening Tools 28. Favorite Gardening Greenhouse Cabinet Tool with plants inside
The top opens to gain access to the top shelf and give more flexibility.

I am so excited to be able to share my favorite gardening tools. These are the ones that I could not do without! So much out in the market but after using each of this, I believe that these types of tools are essential to a good gardening experience.

I hope you explore what works for you and allow the gardening experiences to change your life.

Sharing with nature is nurturing ourselves. Go get your hands dirty and enjoy! (if you notice, gardening gloves did not make my list of Favorite Gardening Tools!)

Stay Creative!

Your Cocoon Awaits you!

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    1. They are so much fun, I enjoy seeing the roots grow. Thank you so much for the kind words!

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  1. Your garden is so beautiful! It shows that you love the process. I have never heard of the greenhouse cabinet! Great shares.

    1. Thank you Marie! Those cabinet have gotten so much use. I wish I could have a greenhouse, but these work perfectly for my tiny garden. My seedlings were very happy!

  2. Such great tips! I absolutely love your potting table. It’s in my DIY project list to make one by our shed. Enjoyed this post so much!

    1. Thank you Tammy! I think the potting table is my favorite little area. Looking forward to one day doing a custom one. Can’t wait to see yours when is completed!

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  5. This is an awesome post with so much inspiration! I love your potting bench and thanks so much for al of the planting info too…I’m still learning:)

    1. Thanks Maria! So happy you found inspiration, that makes me really want to keep doing what I do. I hope your try some of the tips! Let me know how they work out!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I have discovered them recently and I think I have become addicted! They are just so great!

    1. Thank you Jayne! I have had to learn to grow vertically since I have a small garden and it is working so well and I may keep doing this even when we get the farm. It jus looks so beautiful!

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