The favorite space in my home now has the best entrance table ideas using a dough bowl! I have owned the original table for over two decades. The table has moved around the country with me so many times that it was extremely damaged. Styling the entryway table was a big goal of mine. I was determined to make this one of my biggest transformations. And I am so excited that I have made it work! I am in love with it now.

But I have a major secret that is going to take it to the next level. Keep reading, you will love it!

How do you decorate an entryway table to be unique and make a statement? Find pieces that work well together, like wood and metal. Use simple things such as paint, a dough bowl and a glass top to transform any table. The best front entrance table ideas are created from what you love, make it a statement. Let’s take a look at the transformation process!

entrance table ideas

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Welcome Guests by Creating these Entrance Table Ideas

  1. REPURPOSE: Look at what you own and explore how to repurpose the use. You may be able to use parts of it and transform it.
  2. PAINT: A little paint goes a long way. Colors like black with a matte finish will give the frame a modern look, but a cozy feel at the same time.
  3. YOUR STYLE: Add your style to the table. I love plants and gardening, anything that feels cozy, so I added rocks and moss to the look of the table.
  4. IMPACT: Provide impact by thinking of the table as more than the function of the table, think of it as art. What will make the guest explore and get to know you better. The dough bowl on this table became the focal point of the styling entryway table.
  5. STYLING: Now that you have the table itself begin styling the entryway table. This is different from the ‘style’ of a room, styling is more personal. Use objects that will continue to have the same feel; vintage books, a large vase, natural materials like leaves or branches, a lamp with the same finish as your table base to connect it visually and details to bring the organic feel together. In this case the organic is the wood finish, moss and stones.
  6. FULL SPACE STATEMENT: Look at the vertical space, the wall. A beautiful collage of art will finish the vignette. The entry tables modern look can be balanced by bringing some vintage elements. The simple lines of the table will be highlighted and framed by the art beyond.
entrance table ideas

Does my Entry Table have a History?

It really does! As I mentioned previously, it was moved a whole lot. The table has gone from Atlanta, to North Carolina, Seattle, back to Atlanta, Chicago, Arizona and now back to Seattle. The most traveled table ever!

The table served its purpose but I had outgrown the look.

It was damaged really bad when it made its way to Seattle and the moving company paid me for it. For some reason I could not let it go!


old entry way table

I am so glad I didn’t let it go now, I knew there was a reason!

A couple of years ago, a sweet friend of mine went with me to Homegoods. I kept talking about wanting to do something and create my own entrance table ideas.

We walked around Homegoods and I saw the dough bowl. I told her what I wanted to create, the idea just came to me and she thought it sounded good, but was not sure exactly what I was going to do.

Well, here we are! I love the entry tables modern feel and cozy vibe!

Materials for Entrance Tables Ideas

Some of the materials I used are from an old table. You can adapt this idea by using metal legs from another table.

Materials for Entry Way Tables Decor:

Materials for Entry Way Table:

  • Dough Bowl
  • Metal Base
  • Spray Paint Black – Matte Finish
  • Black Stones
  • Dried Moss
  • Glass Top


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Materials for Entry Table Top Decor:

  • Large Vase
  • Chalk Paint – Off White
  • 1 1/2″ Tapered Paint Brush
  • Table Lamp (Black)
  • Crystal
  • Branch candle holder

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I am going to start with the wall decor, but if you prefer to start by creating your table, you can also do that.

For the Wall Decor, it is optional. A collection of Vintage looking art in Vintage Frames would balance the look. But you can also use a combination of vintage and modern pieces. Adapt it to be your personality.

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Start with your Wall Decor for a Successful entrance table ideas that has style

  1. Begin by deciding what you want as wall decor and backdrop to your table entry decor.
entryway table decor ideas

2. Measure where each art piece is going to go. Create a vertical line at each end and the horizontal line on the bottom and top by placing your largest piece first. This will guide the area where all the other smaller art pieces will be at.

entryway table decoration

3. Make the art display go passed the entryway table decoration. When you capture the entire wall, the look is much more dramatic and it become the focal point of the modern entryway.

front entrance table ideas

4. Begin placing all of your art pieces. The larger pieces will guide the layout, place those first and use them as a guide for where the rest of the art pieces will be within the lines. This will provide a line of reference on the top or bottom. The smaller art pieces can be within those top and bottom lines, but they don’t necessarily have to line up with them. The art can moved a few inches inside the lines to add interest.

console table hallway

5. Work with Large and smaller art pieces to create a more cozy feel. The different sizes feel as though you have collected the items throughout your travels and tell a beautiful story.

6. Introduce some Vintage Items for your entrance table ideas. Thrift stores are the best place to find these items. I found the two vintage hats for a very good price and they provide the organic texture that gives it a more personal touch. I love thrifting and find so many gems for such great prices. Do you love thrifting?

front entry tables

Steps for Entrance Table ideas

Let’s go through each step, but again, you can adapt this to any size or type of leg you use for your style of decorating. Make it your own!

  1. Find a base for your dough bowl. I showed you previously the table I was able to detach the mirror top from the base. It worked out perfectly with the size of the dough bowl.

2. Select the dough bowl. Make sure the legs or frame you use will hold the weight of the dough bowl you select. The dough bowls can get pretty heavy when they are large and you want the table to be stable.

console table hallway

2. Gather the rest of the materials to begin putting your table together. Materials list is above.

wooden entry table

3. Once you know that the frame selected or type of table legs will work together, paint the frame black. This will help the dough bowl to stand out. It gives that organic modern feel that makes the two work together so well.

entry tables

4. Once the paint is completely dry, place the two together. For this table, I was simply able to fit the dough bowl into the existing frame.

entry table ideas

5. Add Cobble Stones inside the dough bowl and cover the bottom from one end to the other.

modern entry table

6. Add moss throughout the cobble stones.

simple house decor ideas

6. Add the glass top to finish the entry way table. I had the glass custom cut, but you could find a glass top at a garage sale or online.

entryway table decor

Steps to Create an Entrance Table Ideas Decor and Accessories

Now that you have your beautiful table, let’s get to decorating the table top. This it the step that brings the entrance table ideas together and I have a little trick to take it to the next level!

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  1. Select your large vase. You can use ceramic or glass, but I suggest you paint it to continue the modern entryway look.

2. Paint vase with the chalk paint. You need some visual relief, a place for the eye to land and the design to feel cohesive. Making brush strokes as a cross hatch brings visual interest but a contrast to the black color of the stones.

entryway table decor modern

3. Add puck light to the bottom of the glass. Make sure you have one that works with a remote in order to be able to turn the light on and off.

entry table diy

4. Place vase and candle on one end of the table.

entryway table decor farmhouse
entrance tables candle

5. Place books on opposite end.

entry tables books

6. Add table lamp and other accessories to the entry table.

entrance tables lamp

7. Time to add a punch of color! Use large leaves for the vase, a lot is going on at the wall and you want a color punch to anchor the entire look. The simpler the more effective, 2 or 3 large leaves work best for a more sophisticated approach.

Entry Table Palm

8. Add Baskets under the entrance table to finish up the look. Add some blankets and wood in the baskets for a cozy feel.

entry table overall

9. Here is the Secret where you are going to take it to another level! Now take your remote and turn on your light. You will have an absolute transformation that you can take from day time to a cozy evening!

entry table remote


entrance table ideas

One of my most fun transformations! I love the way this looks at night with the textures and lighting that makes it feel so warm and cozy.

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Looking at items you see in a different way can make for so many opportunities to create your own Cozy Cocoon!

Stay Creative!

Your Cocoon Awaits you!



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    1. Thank you so much Rachel! This was such a great way for me to use part of my old table after hanging on to it for so many years.

    1. Thank you so much Paula! That is exactly what I was thinking, I can change it every season. So fun!

    1. thank you Cindy! Is going to be so fun to change it out every season. I can’t wait already for spring!

  1. First of all, I can not believe you found such an enormous dough bowl that is the PERFECT size! Secondly, the hidden puck lights are a genius idea! I am blown away! Love what you did my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Marieza! Your comments mean so much my friend. The light is amazing, I love the way it changes the whole look. Especially when is dark here so much in the winter. It is perfect!

  2. Melba, I love how you transformed your entryway. But can we talk about your art? What incredible pieces you own … and they’re displayed beautifully. As for the table, I’ve regretted letting go of pieces I later found places for … it’s so hard. Glad you kept the table and freshened it up. Dough bowls are incredibly versatile and look great nearly all decor styles. You must feel amazing when you walk through your front door into this beautiful entry! xo

    1. Thank you so much Juliet! The art is so special, because it is both from my side of the family, mine and Frank’s. It all came together so well for us! I am so excited that I found the purpose of why I kept paying to move that table. I have no idea why I kept doing that, but God has a plan and I couldn’t let go. The entryway feels so special to us now, we are so happy with it!

  3. I remember this! You have such a good eye for what can be transformed into a new life. This transformation was seriously impressive.

    1. Thank you Carrie! Remember?! I so love that I got it when we saw it. Enjoying changing it around all the time.

  4. So elegantly done Melba! What a great dough bowl too! Love the size. It was so beautiful how you added natural elements. Well done as always!

  5. This table with the adhesive puck light is genius! Love the welcoming glow. Thanks so much for linking up at Fabulous Friday.

  6. And Melba, I keep coming back to this post after seeing it on Fabulous Friday. I am sharing your lighting trick tomorrow with the House Mates – my newsletter subscribers.
    Thanks so much for this genius tip. (I guess that makes me a genius too. I used the same trick last Christmas over our mantel)

    1. LOL! We are genius! So happy you like it and I am honored to be on your House Mates newsletter. Thank you so very much Diane!

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