How to Make a Succulent Garden DIY

Completely obsessed! Succulents are definitely one of my biggest obsession. I learned how to make a succulent garden because I could not stop going to the nurseries wanting to find more types and different shapes. The selections available are just endless!

Gather your succulents, trailing, tall ones and colorful ones, decorative pieces, pebbles and let’s look at the soil type and how to make a succulent garden diy!

Create a Succulent Garden Pin

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Why buy succulents?

  1. So many shapes! And the colors! You can make stunning Flower arrangements!
  2. They flower! And the flowers are just stunning!
  3. Easy to find at stores, they are everywhere.
  4. Great home decoration because they are so dramatic when using them with accessories.
  5. They multiply and you get free plants!
  6. Still a statement plant, sculpture in nature and by even using only one you can create drama, a log, a stone, so many options!
  7. Succulents can be placed indoors or outdoors.
  8. Watering is easy, they don’t need much water.
  9. You can find from very large sizes to the smallest of them.
  10. The best is that you don’t need a green thumb, these babies adapt easily to just about any environment.

Can you believe how many reasons?

Now you get why I love them and they are such fun to play with.

Let me show you how to make a beautiful container for the inside of your home or garden.

You want to make an arrangement with the most beautiful succulent? Check out my post ‘SUCCULENT GARDEN DIY | DESERT ROSE BEAUTY!’ READ HERE!

Succulent Garden Left Side

Material needed to create a Stunning Succulent Garden

1. Find a Container

When you are looking for a container don’t think only what is expected. Succulents give you an opportunity to get so creative!

Take the leap and go for it!

The most random thing could make a the best vessel.

From an unused Fire pit vessel to a log, or vintage item like a shoe, look around your home and find amazing items to work with.

Clearly, your imagination can run wild!

Another option is to use a tall container, so that the trailing type succulent can create a dramatic look.

Drainage is important, but it should be noted that I have placed succulents in pots without drainage holes and have had success. For example, the gray pot I am using is a foam type that has a liner. It came with a flower delivery and I have made it work by adding the stones below and the correct soil type. Absolutely make sure your set up is right before your start.

The secret, the pot needs to be porous. Don’t choose pots that are glazed or non porous. Metal containers will work if the area is mostly open like my fire pit tray, otherwise the water will sit and rot your plant.

Fire pit display

Trust me, don’t do it. I have made the mistake of thinking that I can control how much water I put on it.

Nope, it does not work.

2. Use Pebbles and River Rocks

Equally important is to select different type stones.

Add the stones at the bottom of the pot to help with drainage.

You will find this to help the soil stay drier and prevent rotting of your plants due to moisture. See ‘Place Stones’ video below for process.

Stones on Tray

3. Select the Correct Soil

I know you may have a bag of soil that you just want to get rid off, but it just won’t work for your succulents.

Many soils are too dense and succulents like an airy mixture. Check out my post on ‘10+ Favorite Gardening Tools‘ to learn about different critical gardening tools.

By the same token, you can add peat moss if you have no choice, but I really recommend a succulent soil.

This will really help you not battle the moisture level since the succulents prefer a drier set up.

Do yourself a favor, just buy a bag, your plant will grow healthier and larger much quicker!

Make sure to leave a 1/2″ clear of the top to allow for the small rocks above when finish.

Place stones at the bottom of the container before placing soil for good drainage.

4. Choose your Plants

I know that sometimes it is overwhelming to choose from so many options, get what you love.

Create great drama and amazing style!

Get a variety of succulents:

Succulent Garden 1
Yellow Flower
  • Different colors.
  • Vary your textures.
  • One or two large anchoring succulents, depending on the size of your pot.
  • Select Trailing succulents to soften your pot.
  • Look at the scale; look for small accents, wide ones and small one for highlighting areas.

Keep in mind, the plants will grow taller and wider.

One Secret!

Not only that, but the plant babies that you will get is amazing!

Succulent Garden on Water

Place Succulent Leaves on water to grow roots and a new plant.


Take a look at the roots that grow over time.

In just plain water.

Succulents are just magical!

Succulent Garden Single Leave with Roots

5. Place your Plants

This is the most fun of all parts!

Place your tallest plants towards the back to add height.

The largest succulent on one corner to anchor the design

Add some of your smallest throughout leaving space to place your moss and accessories.

Can you see it take shape?!

Place trailing succulents and large succulents on the background.

Place smaller succulents and then your moss to add color and a softer texture.

6. Add Small Stones

Place pebbles on top.

This will make it really look finish and add another dimension.

Place small stones

6. Add some Accessories

Don’t forget about your accessories if you are working with a larger pot.

When you are doing a simple and small piece, this is not needed, the piece will be the accessory.

Similar accessories that can be use are:

Place Ornaments

Succulent Garden Overall Image

Summary of Steps to Make a Succulent Garden

  1. Find your Container.

2. Use large stones at the bottom for better drainage.

3. Add succulent soil.

4. Place Plants:

  • Taller succulents towards the back.
  • Trailing succulents on either end or one end.
  • Small succulents to highlight areas in the center.

5. Dress up your Succulent Garden!

  • Add small stones on the top
  • Add moss to add a softer background texture.
  • Find a good spot for a small sculpture
  • Place crystal (I always like to add a little sparkle for interest)
  • Adding small stones to conceal the soil and finish up the look!

6. Water

  • The first time if the soil of the plants was dry water well.
  • After, water carefully. Don’t keep the soil wet, the succulents will not be happy.

Water Carefully!

  • Now ENJOY YOUR CREATION, your Succulent Garden!
Succulent Garden with Airplant
Succulent Garden  desk
Succulent Garden on Mirror

Try many different arrangements, the single plant on an unusual pot will be very elegant. So many options with succulents!

Remember also that when you are styling the vignette you can even use it as a table Centerpiece.

This you see my post where I shared a ‘Creative Air Plant Idea – DIY’ to learn a fun and beautiful way to create a centerpiece. You can READ HERE!

Plants bring so many possibilities indoors and outdoors!

Also check my post ‘Convert a Yard into a Garden’ to learn how create a beautiful design and transform your daily routines. READ HERE!

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  1. This was such a delight to read and watch! Succulents truly are magical plants. When I lived in South Africa, I had may succulent gardens as they thrive outside all year long. Infact, in winter some of them turn red and orange!

    1. Thank you Marieza! Yes, a lot of people think they die, but they do great at least where I am. The colors are just amazing and the flowers. I really want to have a whole section of my farm dedicated to succulents, they are so striking!

    1. Thank you Cindy! The are overlook and should not. Such a striking plant and so many to choose from.

  2. This is so pretty. I never used to like succulents until I started watching Garden Answer on YouTube. Now, I’m all over it. Love this.

  3. Such a lovely succulent garden Melba. I didn’t know that they were so easy to propagate! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Paula! I just love succulents, they are so versatile and fun to works with.

  4. You have such a talent!!! Since my thumb is not green I always look forward to your gardening posts to see what I can learn!
    I do love succulents so maybe now I will give them a try;)

    1. Thank you Maria, you are so kind! We all can learn and have a green thumb, I promise. LOL! So happy you are enjoying the post. I am enjoying writing each one so much and sharing what I know. I hope I get to see your succulent masterpiece!

  5. Love all the containers you used to create your succulent gardens. Succulents are the best and no fuss. So hard to kill for those that forget to water. As always, you have another great tutorial to inspire others to make one.

    1. Thank you so much Tammy! I just love them, it is fun to explore the many different ones out there to get. And the flowers!!!!! So beautiful!

  6. Succulents really are magical. I love them so much! That is the coolest thing ever that you can put them in water and they grow new roots – so cool looking. <3

    1. I find succulents so fascinating! It is really cool to be able to get so many more plants from one.

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