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As an animal lover, I have experienced the power that they provide us. Discover the benefits of owning quails and English Angora rabbits as pets. These two cool pets to own will provide comfort, joy and helping through toughest times. I found both animals perfect for a small garden. Quails are low-maintenance, compact, and entertaining backyard pets that provide delicious nutritious eggs. Learn why these unique pets could be the perfect addition to your home!

Pets I love

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I have some amazing news for you about the coolest pet to have! I just discovered that quails make such charming pets.

You might be thinking, “Quails? Really?”, but hear me out.

Quails are such special pets with their fascinating behavior. These tiny birds are super social and love to interact with both other quails and their human companions. Some more than others. They are beyond curious and often follow you around the garden, chirping as they go.

But that’s not all! Each quail has its own distinct personality, with unique likes and dislikes regarding food or with each other.

Even better, so many different types of quails you can own, they are so beautiful! The different species have their own gorgeous colors and patterns. From delicate speckles to bold stripes, there’s a quail for everyone.

They definitely bring a touch of natural beauty and joy to your life. I can’t wait to hear what you think of them!

unique pets to own


Have you ever heard of an English Angora rabbit? Another cool pet to have!

I introduce you to Kai, my English Angora! I mean, just take a look at these fluffy, adorable creatures, and you’ll be hooked. Their long, soft, and incredibly fluffy fur is just so soft and snuggly.

She is in the cool pets category not only because she is gorgeous, she in so intelligent, dangerously smart and super affectionate. When she wants her ears petted, she hops on the sofa and gives you kisses to let you know. She follows me around the house and makes sure you know then she needs a treat.

She can be silly and you can’t help but laugh when she throws a fit because she get jealous of Xuxa, my chihuahua.

Of course, owning an English Angora rabbit does require some work. You will need to groom them regularly to keep the fur from getting matted and tangled. It is part of my zen time with her. You also need to provide her with the right environment, with plenty of space to play. She is already roaming free, most of the downstairs, and having fun.

unusual pets


The coolest pet to have is the one that works best for your lifestyle and the daily rituals.

Let’s be real, pets are the absolute best thing ever! I’ve always had a soft spot for animals, and this past year I really wanted to add a couple of them that would provide good nutrition and soft, friendly company. Our biggest challenge was the tiny garden space we have and the HOA’s we had to deal with.

A good friend of mine, that I follow on social media and raises quails, got me to become obsessed with them!

No kidding, my husband will tell you, I began hatching eggs quickly after the decision.

Quails are the most chill pets you could ever own. These cool pets are quiet, low-maintenance, and don’t require a lot of space. They’re seriously the most relaxed pets you could ever have! They just want to feed and lay eggs. The roos will be the more aggressive and active, but the hens are super chilled.

Pet lovers


I had always loved chickens and wanted to raise them, but that was going to be a no for us because of the space and the good old HOA constraints. But it was my life with Hashimoto’s that pushed me to take this step to raise quails. Read more about ‘IMMUNE SYSTEM PLANTS | My Story on Healing’.

Since little, I considered cool pets, chickens. One of my favorite chicken-related memories was being a small child and hanging out at the beach in Puerto Rico. Our neighbor had a chicken coop on the beach and I spent hours with those chickens. They were fascinating to me. I have few memories of my childhood, but that is one that I have often thought of, it brought me so much comfort. I would go from climbing palm trees to hanging out in the chicken coop every day. They were too cute!

Quails I Have Raised So Far

This is the best part about the coolest pet to have when it comes to quails.

I started with some eggs my kind friend Raquel gifted me, they were for Coturnix quails. I got the two bossy babes, Bertha and Betty. Bertha is a piece of work, she is a large one and very much in charge.

This year I added Calico Pharaoh Light quails and Coturnix Celadon layers. The calicos are gorgeous, gray in color, super docile, and friendly. The Celadon layers are skittish, but I love the tuxedo ones, the two-tone is so pretty! Here comes my favorite quail, her name is Oreo. Yes, it is a she, but she just reminded me of an oreo cookie and I couldn’t pass the name up.

She is black and white, like an Oreo and she is the sweetest bird ever. Beautiful and sweet, the perfect combo. I have discovered that quails have a pretty unique social structure. Bertha is the “Queen”, who seems to be in charge of everyone, including me. She struts around, puffing up her chest, and watches her tiny monarchy in action. Let’s just say, she is not shy.

dream pet


How to harvest calendula seeds


Quails fall into the cool pets category for so many reasons. Let’s take a look!

The Main Reasons:

  • Compact Size: Quails are smaller than chickens, making them a great option for people with limited backyard space. You can keep quails in a small coop or even a rabbit hutch.
  • Low Noise Level: Unlike chickens, quails are relatively quiet. their soft chirps and clucks are unlikely to disturb the neighbors, making them a good choice for urban or suburban areas. The roos are the loudest ones if they are calling for their hens.
  • Efficient Egg Layers: Quails are prolific egg layers, up to 300 eggs per year. The eggs are smaller, 3-4 equals 1 chicken egg. But they are packed with protein and nutrients and the flavor is delicious, very rich in flavor since you don’t get as much egg white. Check out my favorite way to eat quail eggs in the post, ‘How To Eat Quail Eggs | EASY AND DELICIOUS!’

The Best Reasons:

  • Low Maintenance: Quails are much easier to care for than chickens and don’t require as much attention as other types of poultry. They are hardy birds that can tolerate a range of temperatures and don’t require as much space or feed as chickens.
  • Unique Pets: Quail are often kept as pets due to their cute and quirky personalities. Some choose to keep them as pets indoors. I had someone get a beautiful quail roo as a pet from me and her child loves him.

Here is the Top Reason of Them All!

  • Delicious and Nutritious Eggs!

I love making the pickled quail eggs to change it up, they are delicious!

Is this not enough of a reason for quails to be on the cool pets category?

In love! And you will be also if you taste their eggs.

cool pets to own


After I had settled in with my quail flock, I decided it was time to add another type of pet to my menagerie – my beautiful Kai, the English angora. The fluffiest little creature that is all cuteness, with long, soft wool and the most adorable personality. She can be demanding and sweet all at once.

Kai love Oreo, she thinks is hers and when Oreo was healing, she was next to her constantly. We would come down in the morning to find Oreo in Kai’s pen. They ar two peas in a pod.

They are both therapies for my soul. Spending time with them has been incredibly soothing.


You need to be warned that when you start hatching quails, you become addicted.

I have already hatched twice since last summer. It is a lot of work to hatched them and sometimes heartbreaking if they don’t make it. But I still find the process therapeutic and just amazing when you watch a life form.

English angoras are work, you need to groom them all the time and watch their diet closely. The grooming of their wool prevents it from matting and tangling. At first, I was a little intimidated by the idea of trimming the fur, but with some practice (and a few YouTube tutorials), I got the hang of it.

You want to get going on your mini homesteading? Check out ‘Urban Homesteading for Beginners | The real meaning will surprise you!  


I can’t overstate the power of owning cool pets in our lives. Whether you’re going through a difficult time or just need a little pick-me-up, furry or feathered friends can make all the difference.

My quails and English Angora bunny enhanced my life and I am grateful every day for their presence in my life.

I just advice that you do the research on what you are going to get, because it it a large commitment and not everything is roses.

But for now, they are roses to me, thornless and with a whole lot of beauty.

You can also take a look at ‘More About Me!‘ and get to know me.

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  1. Your urban farm is growing! I have hypothyroid since I was pregnant with my son. I’m on medication since. I always wonder if I’d be much skinnier if I didn’t have the condition lol.

    1. It has been growing, super fun times of learning and experience so many new things. Oh I know… I always wondered the same thing. LOL! But I am grateful for periods of no pain or issues. A trade off to not being skinny. I will take it!

  2. I love this. Your passion for your animals is so clear and lovely to see. Thanks for sharing, Melba.

  3. Thanks for sharing about your precious pets with us! Everyone needs a great pet in their life! Kai is the cutest thing ever!!

    1. Thank you Donna! She is so much fun, but also super strong personality. It is all about the treats for her. LOL!

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