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insanely easy steps to leave dahlias in the ground through winter.

Only zones 8-11 are safest to leave dahlias in the ground.

This is the most important thing to know!

Once you know if you are on the right zone to keep them in the ground overwinter...

Begin the process of preparing them at the right time.

PROS of Leaving Dahlias in the Ground:

Less Effort:  You do not have to worry about digging, prunning, cleaning, storing, and replanting. Growth:  Dahlias will begin growing as established dahlias and may be better than next year in size and blooms.

Dahlias provide so much to a garden.  Preserve them year after year.

Wait until the plant is ready before starting to prepare your dahlia.

Prepare the tuber to overwinter in the ground once you have determined if you are able to leave then in the ground.