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Advice for Beginning a Garden

What to Plant

With so many options available, picking where to start with your garden can be overwhelming. 

Here is what I recommend:

Start with the easy vegetables and flowers to grow from seed so you can learn the process and save money.

Salad Greens  Tomatoes  Cucumbers  Kales are amazing!  Snap Peas  Beans Zucchini  Sweet Peppers

A few of my favorite VEGETABLES  for beginner gardeners:

All pretty straightforward to grow from seed and will provide an amazing harvest

I always enjoy growing radishes and carrots because of ease of direct sowing and the variety on the market. 

Nasturtiums Calendula Marigolds Sweet Peas Zinnias

A few of my favorite FLOWERS  for beginner gardeners:

Pick flowers pollinators love, edible flowers, and others that work as great pest deterrent