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How to Grow sweet pea Seeds

Sweet Peas are the perfect early Spring flower! They are: Easy to plant from seed Great for cutting for floral arrangements Great scents and colors

1. Prepare the Seeds:

Read the package carefully or you can find so much information on your specific sweet pea on the internet.  Determine if you need to scarify the seeds.

Scarify means sanding or making a nick with a knife the seed outside shell to only expose a small part of the inside of the seed.

2. Place seeds in small jar with water for 24 hours. Add a label to each jar with garden pen.

3. Plant Seeds

Remove seeds from water and put together your rootrainer pots. Add soil, packed well but not super tight. 

4. Place labels before you start adding seeds to each cell.

I like to place each color where I have planned my garden. Make sure you use a garden pen so the ink won’t ware off. 

5. Plant your seeds

Make a hole to place the seed that is around 1 inch deep and cover with soil. Some seeds may vary, so make sure you are reading about the specific seed you are working with.

7. Place seeds under grow light.

Add clear dome, if you have one. It will really accelerate the process and you won’t have to water so regularly.