grow ranunculus garden indoors

Melba Santos

A ranunculus garden will provide the most beautiful look.  Start indoors! Growing ranunculus from corms indoors will ensure you will have many flowers with a head start. 

Before getting started, make sure you've stored your corms in a dry place. 

Inspect your corms to make sure they are not moldy or in bad shape. Remove any bad corms.

Presprouting corms: Soak corms with room temperature water.  The water should not be any cooler than 55 degrees.

Soak bulbs for a total of 4 hours, but keep in mind that it is best to change the water every hour to prevent any diseases. You will see that the corms are now plump and look very healthy.

In a shallow container with no holes, add an inch of soil and place your corms.  Many place them 4" apart, but I go much tighter and it seems to be okay.

Make sure you have placed the ranunculus corm with the pointy legs pointing down.

Add another 1" of soil above the corm, making sure they are all covered.

Ranunculus will germinate in the dark.  I add a to cover to it until they germinate and then take it off.  

When you take it off, make sure that the grow light is just 2"-4" above the tray so they don't get leggy.  

Once they sprout, you are ready to place them outdoors.

If you are not ready to place them outdoors, place them in pots.